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Happy Friday!!! It's a new day, a new time, with new purposes, Right???

Hey did you know that scorpion venom has two benefits when milked in sterile surroundings? One it can locate & destroy cancerous cells in the human brain, secondly it has the ability to immobilize TB's destructive harm to the human body. Of course the necessity is that it be strategically placed in the right location.

Do you know that next week is National Constitution Week? That's September 17-23 This was adopted by congress on August 2, 1956 & signed into law by President Eisenhower. Here is something we should also know about this document, that 34% of this important document contains Biblical citations. How about that?

Friday 9/15

Eccl. 4:15 "I saw that all who lived and walked under the sun followed the youth, the kings successor."

This is the last few words of Solomons awakening. Up to this point he had fallen prey to the enemy Satan's lies. These verses are the end of this day of awakening. He saw in this young king & the old king an awakening of his New Day.

He was reminded of the qualities that our loving Heavenly Father desires to enrich our lives with.

1) A king who looks for potential advancements for his nation

2) A leader who desires to understand the needs of those that he represents

3) A person who has gone through times of struggle & yet has learned the vital benefit of going to

God for solutions

These last few verses were hard to go through for Solomon for he came to the realizations that his life had failed to acheive God's purposes to this point. He has fallen prey to his enemy Satan. He had become convinced that his wisdom was just that, his (not a blessing from God). He had fallen into the trap of finding joy in his influences, wealth, power, pleasure, etc. The surroundings he had; only proved this, the marrying of wives for the purpose of building allies with ungodly kings, the entertaining & attempting to impress (wow), surrounding leaders by his personal success were mere human influences.

Rather, than leaning on God and realizing all of the joys of a life that is centered on our walking & following God in each new challenge. That the very things that he had lost touch with in his beginning years, he must return to. We see this new direction in the rest of the book chapters 5- to the end.

So just as Solomon came into close contact with this enlightenment, we must in the same way join our lives in this as well.

Tomorrow we will finish this section of recognizing the failures of following the ways of man & our world. Then next week we will walk into a day of light & the necessary steps for fully joying in His ways flowing through & for us.

So Go With God for its a new day. It may seem somewhat crazy, but believe Him, He our Father for all time has the greatest; in eternity in mind for us to enjoy. My dear friend rest in Him, draw yourself to His word & your life will be enriched in ways that we can't even imagine.

Take a minute to refresh your heart with the song on you tube Mercy me - I can Only Imagine

(This will bring new meaning to the difficult days of the present & the joys yet to come.



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