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Well Monday came & went and now it’s Tuesday. Hey, By the way, Do you know why the frog had a long face? Because as my granddaughter Jane says, I’m un- hoppy. Ha ha

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 20:26 “A wise king scatters the wicked like wheat. Then runs his threshing wheel over them.”

The concept that Solomon is emphasizing here is the importance of a leader to identify & remove evil from society. Both personally and nationally.

This is true on every level from the small business’s boss to a large expansive country. Rapid & firm justice brings strength to any culture.

However, the opposite treatment of evil action results in harm to all, from the young innocent child to the elderly weak adult, and all who are in-between.

To ignore or fail to punish the guilty is foolish & brings harm to all. From the small family to a large metropolis.

We are witnessing this in LA from the diversion of rail traffic away from it as it has been the transportation hub; to the desperate decline of tourism in the major cities around LA. Hollywood, Santa Monica, Fullerton, etc.

David experienced that same fact when he failed to punish his sons who were rebelling against him.

Amnon first born son raped his

daughter Tamar and David’s

failure to punish that evil

which resulted in Absalom

taking action (murder) against

him in David’s failure to punish


Absalom later rebelled against

David which resulted in David

almost being deposed and

Then resulted in Absalom’s


I’m sure that these experiences had great impact on Solomon teaching his sons regarding punishing evil conduct, and it’s impact in both ways. Those leaders who did punish wrong doing (benefit being more merciful discipline) & those who ignored evil conduct (the more extreme discipline from other authorities).

So Go With God and His example. He does punish those who commit evil against His children. His discipline, due to His wisdom always is most beneficial to all those who may be influenced by it. We can rest assured that His punishment in our lives always brings positive benefits to us & those we love.

Lindsay Winterton


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