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Happy Tuesday, glad to begin another day together around our Lord's words.

Well not many of you had a response for Middle English traditions. So the word repeated three times every day at the Supreme Court was Oyez. Such as Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, The Honorable, Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States are in session. Oyez means "Hear ye" and is a call to pay attention and silence. Its a traditional way of saying, "Order in the court"

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Tuesday 3/14

Prov. 28:28 "When the wicked take charge, people go into hiding. When the wicked meet disaster, the godly flourish."

Proverbs has several kinds of reaction recorded:

11:10 "The city celebrates ... they shout for joy when the wicked die."

11:11 "Upright citizens ... make the city prosper, ... wicked tear it apart."

29:2 "When the wicked are in power, they (the righteous) groan."

28:28 "... people go into hiding."

Well as you can tell, when those who are godless rule, harm comes to those who live with right & just purposes for their lives. You ask "Why" well as we see recorded in the annals of history & the Bible. In order to lead those who refute their philosophy & guidance, they use oppression & injustice to force obedience to follow their ways. Or as we would call it today, rather than being called oppression it is called suppression. We saw how this vividly happened on the Twitter web site, toward those who differed in opinions.

Solomon points out for us in his writings, the distinct difference between those striving to be righteous & those who are wicked in a culture, and then the peoples natural response to those put in leadership positions who are wicked. Remember: the definition of wickedness in scripture are those who are in opposition to God's ways of fairness, justice, and at the same time mutual benefit for all.

God also presented for us the benefit of wicked leadership facing their own injustice. Those who live in the righteous ways of God, flourish when equal justice is meeted out for of the culture. We live in a day when injustice is spoken in the terms of equity - which means in todays words to take the benefits achieved from those who have sought to provide fairness & benefit to those they have served and to give that to those who are living selfishly for themselves. This is the perfect example of these warnings that we have been studying.

Esther 8:15-17 refers to the benefits that come to those who strive to live rightly - glory cast upon God & His people, justice, order, abounding joyfulness, contentment, and a flourishing peace. I don't know about you but that sounds pretty good. As we compare the differing results, we understand why people seek this style of leadership.

This country has prided itself in being a place where justice & fairness being upheld, in fact this has been the theme for so long that when the tide begins to turn the common people notice. My prayer is that the corrupt thoughts of those who choose evil as their plot for leadership, will come to either a speedy end, or an understanding of the consequences, before this course is action brings harm to many today.

This verse lays clearly out the consequences of following in Satan's ways, "the wicked meet disaster". This isn't just a possibility, it is an absolute probability. If when those who are godly go into hiding, they call out to God for His justice, that's when the hand of our loving Heavenly Father goes into action. Unfortunately those whose ways are in harmony with Satan can harm many innocent folks, but, ultimately they receive their just reward. Some more quickly than others.

So Go With God for His ways will ultimately win out, one way or another. Either in this present age or in the coming age. You say what is our responsibility? Teach others, in the Father's ways, surrender to His will personally, daily. Call out to God for the confirmation of His rewards for all those who follow in faithful obedience. In your life & the many others living in that way. Faithfully sound out, to the many, all the times that others are rewarded due to their obedience in His ways. Applaud the many good ways that others are living righteously. Testify of God's goodness in your life. Call out to God for justice to be meeded out for all.

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