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Good guesses yesterday as to which is the smallest country in the world. Brenda was the grand prize winner. It is Vatican City at a population of 850; While Monaco has 19,000 residents; Liechtenstein boasts 39,000; and Marshall Islands is estimated at 10,000 of its inhabitants.

On the lighter side: Have you ever wondered why seagulls fly over the sea? Well of course because if they flew over the bay, then would be called Bay-gels. Oh this was a tough one. Glad its Friday.


Psalm 4:3 "You can be sure of this: The Lord set apart the godly for himself. The Lord will answer when I call to him."

Remember, yesterdays encouragement was to be sure that, "Before you speak out to others, be sure that you've prayed up to God."

Today's word of encouragement is, You can stand confidently on this one truth, "The Lord will answer when you call to him." The world may attempt to bring shame to you and your efforts and even to your honor, but God has set you apart, and will ultimately bring honor to you in His time.

This is the central theme of this psalm. God has identified those who walk in His ways, and will bring honor to him in the right time. As you and I are devoted to God and His ways, He has promised his special care over our lives, as He listens to our prayers. Remember, yesterdays words in Zechariah 2:8 "Anyone who harms you harms my most precious possession." Then in Romans 8:31 "If God is for us, who can stand successfully against us?"

As a young boy there were some bullies in my school, and I had started to go to school before I had caught up with my class members maturity wise, and size wise. They would everyday wait for me to walk out of school and chase me home. I became quite adept at avoiding their pursuit.

I began to go out a different door each afternoon. I also learned which of the neighbors yards were open so I could run through them more quickly. It was about a mile home so this was quite an acheivement to arrive home uninterrupted, and not getting caught by them.

This became a game, and I learned a number of ways to avoid being caught. From climbing up trees, crawling through thickets of bushes, darting through ditches, even swinging over creeks, etc. Unfortunately these achievements only angered my opponents. However, as this became more dangerous this made them each day more intensely angry.

One night I told my older sister of the fear I had of being caught and being beat up. She encouraged me to ask God for His help. That very next day a new boy enrolled in our class and we became close friends. He was much taller and bigger than me, one day he was with me when the school bell rang and I hurriedly began my attempt to surprise these boys and Preston saw the fear in my eyes, and he said, Hey Benny let me handle these boys.

That day we walked out non-chalantly of the front door and Preston stood up to these boys, his mere size was daunting, so they backed off. I found out that he lived about three blocks from my house, so each night we walked home together. I felt Preston was God's answer to me, of Him hearing my prayer, and caring for me, I told my sister of this and together we thanked God for his answer.

SO GO WITH GOD recognizing His presence in our life, and as we call out to Him, we will be surprised at just how He will answer our needs. From His hands of safety, to His guidance through times of struggle. As our verse says "Be sure of this: The Lord set's us apart for His answers." Don't forget to "Pray Up", for He joys in caring for us.

Lindsay Winterton
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