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Well it’s Thursday and I haft to ask you If the glow worm was squashed what happened? Yeah you guessed it; He was de-lighted.

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 17:8 “A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that has it: Wherever he turns, he prospers,”

You may be confused by this proverb, but let’s unpack the first part of the verse. “A gift is as a precious stone”

We all know that the scarcity of something is what causes it to be valuable. For example the size, clarity, color, and cut of a diamond causes it to be of greatest value.

This proverb is helping us to focus on an important principle. The value of a gift given isn’t based on its cost, rather, the value is founded on the value perceived by the person receiving the gift.

For instance a ring or brooch that has been handed down in a family from one generation to the next, when someone inherits that it is seen as highly valued.

The next phrase goes on to say “Wherever he turns, he prospers.” The concept that is spoken of here is that the person who received this gift gains such a sense of worth from receiving it, that it totally changes his or hers perspective on themselves. As a result they become so influenced by receiving something of such importance that they are changed. Rather than feeling depressed and useless they become grateful and joyous and as a result their outlook on life as well as actions is transformed.

So Go With God and come to the full understanding that we have been given the precious stone of forgiveness & salvation and those gifts have made us highly valued in the eyes of our Precious Savior. Once we come to a full understanding of these precious gifts and begin to live out their joy, the world around us will also be impacted.

Lindsay Winterton
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