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From Pastor Ben

Music Trivia:

Which song that was written by Bob Dylan that takes its title from a line in the Shakespeare play Hamlet?

Was it:

"Blowin’ in the Wind,” "Like a Rolling Stone,” "Murder Most Foul,” "The Times They Are A-Changin'"? Make your guess and we'll find out the correct answer on my next blog.


Ecclesiastes. 5:19: "And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life—this is indeed a gift from God."

Solomon is attempting to remind us of several blessings that we receive from God everyday:

1) Wealth that is given us directly from God's hands

2) Good health to enjoy the good wealth He has given us

3) The ability to enjoy our accomplishments in our work

4) The many opportunities that we enjoy in life

As the song goes,"Where Do I Begin?" Our Father has lavished us with so many blessings throughout our lives that they are truly beyond our ability to number them. We have enjoyed so much in our lives, certainly beyond what we deserve. Most of the blessings that we enjoy are so far beyond what we are worthy to receive.

Just think of the ability that we have in our lives to be productive. Think for a minute! Do most of us have the ability to build a car with its many intricacies? No. And yet most of us enjoy the luxury of owning a car, and then being able to drive long distances to destinations that we can enjoy. This is just one form of wealth that we enjoy.

Then there are the many medical provisions that are at our convenience. There are surgical procedures that we enjoy the benefit of which, without them, our lives would be cut short. This is along with the all the myriad of medicines that help to aid our health.

Next, there are many tools that we use to benefit our lives. For example, yesterday I was mowing our lawn and I was reminded of the various tools that I enjoyed using to bring my yard to a thing of beauty and order. I enjoyed the benefit of both old and new inventions that have been made to help carry out this task. There are now machines that mow the grass evenly, tools that edge the grass, blowers to clear chaff and cuttings off the sidewalk, and then prepare for disposal of these waste products. This is just one task at our fingertips that has been simplified for our benefit.

After I mowed and edged the yard, I came into the house to rest for a few minutes. I was then reminded of so many conveniences that we have which add to the enjoyment to our lives inside our homes such as air conditioning, running water, a soft overstuffed chair, music on the radio, etc. etc.

And then again for some reason this morning, I awoke with the memory of me watching a mother hen leading her young chicks down the path at my grandfather's yard. I was reminded of the sound of the chicks peeping in harmony in a row. I remembered the response of the mother hen when one chick fell, and her rapid response to the chick's call for help. As a young boy, I was reminded of the same way that God hears our call for guidance, protection, or even help.

We could go on and on, couldn't we? All of these blessings are provided to our lives from our loving Father. So when Solomon reminds us to give thanks for all of these things that make our lives enjoyable, we are reminded of our Father's love for us. As he ends his words in our verse today, "this is indeed a gift from God."

As in just this week alone, I have been reminded of the many blessing that are part of my everyday life, I am reminded of our Father's many provisions. So Go With God for He is ever present in our lives. He teaches us His ways in order for us to enjoy all of these benefits in our lives.    

brenda x


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