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Well good morning. You were all right, way to go! The early eraser was a small piece of bread balled up & slightly damp. This erased the pencil markings just about. as well as, the pink erasers of today. The eraser didn't become available until the 1770's when Joseph Priestly invented this substance for removing pencil marks. By the way, he also invented "oxygen".

Wed. 6/14

Prov. 31:17,18 "She girds herself with strength, And strengthens her arms. She perceives that her merchandise is good, and her lamp does not go out by night."

These two verses point out three things that the virtuous woman does:

She goes about living in such a way the she remains healthy & places value on the health of those who

work with her and are equally protected.

She makes sure that all the things that she produces are of good quality & long lasting.

She provides good light in order to maintain good health, safety & warmth for her home.

Let's reflect on these inferences for a minute: she recognizes the value of good health as her greatest resource, both for herself & those sharing in her duties. Therefore, she doesn't over work herself or others sharing in her mission. Good measures of work, exercise & relaxation and healthy food are upheld in her community.

She makes sure that the things that she collectively produces are hardy, beneficial, and worthwhile for all those who buy from her. Example: food is tasteful, strengthening, and brings good nourishment, as well as, the other products she produces are long lasting. Both of these issues are the concerns we have today. The market is full of products that are cheap but not long lasting, or in the long term unhealthy.

The surroundings that she provides are beneficial for all in her household. She places value on all in her purview to be given healthy, happy environments both at work & at home. To assure this there is no shortages in the things made available to her entire community. Her concern for them is felt in all that she does or has them do as well.

We see in our secular world today the relevance of all of these things being given concern as to their necessity. Such as relax, rest time, quality environment for all, affirmation as to all those working, positive environment, listening ear for new ideas, welcoming ideas, etc. You could easily list more than a 100 ideas to put into this list. A healthy company is attempting to provide for all of these concerns.

In my working career I have personally experienced both excellent oversight, as well as, horrible conditions. In all reality when healthy, excellent surroundings are provided we all are more productive & helpful to our mission.

So Go With God for He is the one who brought these very issues to us as valuable & important to others well being. By this He promises these very issues are vitally important to Him. He wants your efforts to bring benefit to your world, as well as, to bring respect to all of those who are involved in its effort.

In my lifetime, four people rise to ultimate importance, under God:

Ben Markley Sr., (my dad) he taught me many things, but particularly the immeasurable value of walking

with a great desire for an open, transparent, walk with the Lord, on a daily basis.

Mr. Duff (my lifetime school principal) he was my principal through my whole school experience. He

taught me the value of a leader who believes in you, who takes interest in you, who strives to uphold

your efforts (he even attended my track meet when I was attempting to break a school record, and when

I umpired my first little league baseball game).

Rick Brooks (my first & best ministry mentor) he poured his life experience life into me, encouraged me

& even payed my way & expenses to attend Basic Youth Conflicts. He treated me like a mature man even

when I was an inexperienced 20 year old young man.

Mrs. McClurg (my principal/boss), she treated me with the greatest respect, she took great efforts to

make sure my life experience was upheld, in issues of guiding her school, she would run by my

experiences for insights, when setting up a brand new school she begged me to go with her to organize

it, even demanded additional time & pay for this effort.

All of these people in their lives upheld the values of God & the virtuous woman. For these people who

upheld these values have received honor & success in their lives, both today & in the past.

All of them did this very same thing in their lives, they rested in the Lord for their life careers. Then they are living out this relationship with the Lord before all off those people in their lives. I have been blessed by these dear ones in my life.

Each of us have people like this, and we certainly have a Savior who cares for us in this way each day of our lives. Rest in Him my dear one for He cares for you.

brenda x


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