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Good Tuesday morning, do you know when the first road trip began and how long it took?

Anyone want to guess?

I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow, but it took 63.5 days to travel from San Francisco to New York. Some of the roads they traveled were mere dirt roads, Imagine that.

Our meditation for the day is found in Prov. 21:16 “The person who strays from common sense (NKJ - way of

Understanding) will end up in the company of the dead.

The concept here is that God throughout scripture imparts His ways of wisdom. Then throughout, these words of wisdom it instills to us, that as we live in harmony with this wisdom we will be kept from evil & temptations.

This verse is warning us that living outside of our loving Fathers instructions will naturally result in harm to us & possibly even death.

The arrangement of these words isn’t necessarily stating that this death is a fearful outcome, but just that living outside of His instructions may result in a shorter life.

Wisdom is a gift we all have access to, however, it’s our choice as to whether we walk in her way.

My Uncle Perry talked to me as a young man shortly after a private plane crash that he experienced. In his account he had a broken arm and his personal plane went down in a strip pit filled with water, he was unable to get out of the water but treaded water for much of a day.

When he was so tired he was about ready to give up. Just then verse he had read that morning came to his mind. It spoke of God’s care for us in the symbol of a tree. He noticed a tree on the top of the mine so he slowly made his way to the tree & there he found a root he was able to rest on, he said; Benny that tree saved my life. I was exhausted but that root gave me rest.

God’s ways are amazing in our life in many ways. Uncle Perry was for the rest of his life determined to read his Bible looking for wisdom nuggets there each day. His life moved from a nominal Christian casually reading the Bible to a man speaking often of God & His active leadership in his life. That day changed his life.

Next time, I’ll tell you more about that incident in my uncles life.

So Go With God for then your life will slowly morph from a casual believer to one who is in search for Our Fathers instruction guide for the day. Kind of like the Cub Scouts, survival guide.

Lindsay Winterton


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