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Bet you know this answer. Why does Rudolph love to get wet? Because he’s a rain-deer. Ho ho ho!

Friday 12/16

Prov. 26:10 “An employer who hires a fool or a bystander is like an archer who shoots at random.”

This warning is to those who hire people for an important task. Solomon is stating just how important a decision about the person that you hire can have on your outcome, as well as, your reputation.

The most important concern isn’t the appearance of the person, but rather the ultimate outcome that may be experienced by their conscious efforts. The major concern of the person being considered for the task should be the influence or impact of his efforts.

Just as a person who is casually shooting arrows into the sky at random, with no concern for where they may land, or who they may impact, strike, etc. Or in modern times, firing a gun into the air without fully understanding where his shots may land, into a crowd, or into an open field.

This is emphasizing the serious concern that lies upon a person who passes responsibility onto others. The outcome of his decision should be fully considered.

When I was a boy my aunt & uncle were living & working a farm 25 miles from a plant that produced a number of chemicals. Each time we would drive by that plant my uncle would say, “Benny that company is poisoning this valley“, as a boy I couldn’t see that. But, as I grew up I began noticing the signs of that. Trees dying, farmers selling their property to move, etc. was proving the reality of my uncles concerns.

The chemical company was very active in local grants, political investments, etc. My uncle became very active in limiting the growth of that company, for he could see the harm that it was having on the local environment. Though his farm was 25 miles away, he could see the impact that this production was having on his own farming & the local owners, who he knew & was long time friends of.

This verse is laying out these same concerns. Our concerns should be placed on a number of issues. The healthy contribution that our industry has on all others surrounding us, as well as, the ultimate influence on everyone involves. Our focus shouldn’t be just on our self interest, but on everyone.

So Go With God for His concern is far encompassing, not just His appearance to the world. His loving concern is for everyone. Not just for those who are directly involved. It is for that reason that we can rest in His working in each of our lives.

brenda x


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