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Did you know that Benjamin Franklin began more learning than just developing the use of electricity? He began the first public lending library with members paying a membership. He also developed the first volunteer fire department, the first public hospital along with the volunteer services of several churches, and he became the first postmaster general, to develop mail routes, such as the pony express in the west. Wow, what a busy man.

Wednesday 1/4

Prov. 26:26 “While their hatred may be concealed by trickery, their wrongdoing well be exposed in public.”

This warning is given to us not only for personal protection, but also for the benefit of the many. My dad used to say “talk is cheap”. In other wards you can promise great things, trick others. but consistency is the greatest test of integrity.

Which profession is notorious for trickery? Salesmen, politicians, and financial investors. Right?

As a boy growing up, this truth was demonstrated many times over. When a family friend was being called by God to become missionaries, they had one giant hurdle to overcome. They were unable to sell their house, therefore, they couldn’t pay the mortgage. My dad volunteered to be responsible to maintain the house while a local realtor committed to manage its rental.

Due to the house being located in the small town of Galena, Kansas about 7 miles from Joplin the number of renters was limited. Therefore, many people would promise to take good care of the house, but, well, they many times failed. Over the next five years we hauled many loads of trash after the renters moved out. We, our family would load into the car with a trailer, cleaning gear and spend the day removing the trash & cleaning up the house so the realtor could rent the house to a new family.

My dad & I spent many Saturday's with repair trips to that home. I loved it for dad and I talked over many things that I may not have had this undivided time for discussions. I learned this important lesson, of meeting the new family of renters, and then determining their character. “Would they take good care of the missionaries house.” I learned the many lessons that point out character.

I especially learned this lesson,. “Their wrong doing we be exposed”. References never lie.

This life lesson won’t be soon forgotten. I was tricked by the appearance, and testimony, of many families in the beginning, but the mess left behind never lied. We became very good at evaluating these families, in fact I became the head investigator. I talked to the kids and they weren’t very capable when it came to trickery. We would talk about their habits at other past houses. It was kind of a game, to laugh & learn about their past homes. Then we, my dad & I would compare notes, once we fell onto that approach, we had many fewer messes to clean up.

This is the same lesson that Solomon is speaking of here. Others conduct may be covered over for a while, however, “time will always tell the truth.” or as the verse says “wrong doing will be exposed.“ Of all of the character qualities most needed for effective ministry, it is the quality of faithfulness. That is the final and unfaltering test for truth.

So Go With God for He will protect you from others who attempt fooling & bringing harm to you.



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