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Tuesday 11/1

Prov. 24:23,24 “It is wrong to show favoritism when passing judgement. A judge who says to the wicked, You are innocent , will be cursed by many people and denounced by the nations.”

The precedent for fair judgement was set by God for all mankind, but particularly Israel.

God desires This standard for all mankind, however, due man’s fallen condition, he tends to move towards favoritism for those who show favoritism to him. In Deut. 1:17 God started Israel off with setting this into the very fiber of His chosen people.

“Justice for all” has been the ideal to desire from the very beginning of our nation. Equal & fair justice has as its benefit, honor from all mankind. When we hear the saying “The American Dream” fair & equal justice are at the very foundation of this ideal. This dedication to unwavering, fair justice has been one of the reasons that has brought favoritism from other countries. When that principle is ignored, corruption begins to raise its ugly head.

As a young boy I remember other neighborhood children admiring my parents and their fairness as it was administered in our home. Many of my childhood friends would tell me how lucky I was because my parents worked so hard to show equal honor, love and reward to each of us kids. They would show surprise when they were at our house as to how they were given honor, love, and concern, equal to each of us Kids.

Looking back I realize the reason for this was due to my parents giving honor to God with their life. As we look around us today we see many examples of injustice, in our governmental agencies, school classes, & even the job environment. I realize now that much of that has to do with the dishonor that is given to God.

When we as individuals, families, or community fail to honor God & others; there is a undermining of this respect & honor that is necessary for a healthy environment. When this is allowed to prevail, the whole culture is harmed.

So our question is; How do we alter this in our world? Well it begins in our honor given to God, and then to others, give an ample dose of respect, honor, and justice for all, regardless of what we gain or lose from giving it out. I think that is one of the magical parts of Halloween; candy is given out to all children regardless of their position in life. We joy in them coming to our house or in our case to our trunk, at Trunker Treat.

So Go With God then He will bring honor & respect to us & our life, then others will be showered with those same blessed gifts.

01 Kas 2022

Very wise devotional today. Justice for all has made this country great as we moved from slavery to Civil rights, using the 10 commandments as our model. We need to pray our country returns to these ideals instead of tearing the 10 commandments out of courthouses.



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