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Way to go everyone, you all knew this one fact. The Horse is the animal on the Porsch logo, but do you know just why the horse is placed there. One reason is due to the feeling that they hope will rush through the driver that same level of exuberantion that is experienced on the back of a horse while riding a horse while running freely. (As a young man on the farm I knew that joy) just letting go of the reins and seeing where the horse would run. The second reason was that the location it began its original production was near a horse breading farm of highly succesful race horses.


How is it possible for a man to shave many times throughout the day, but at the end of the day, he still has a beard. How is that possible? Make your guess!


Psalm 6:7,8 "My vision is blurred by grief; my eyes are worn out because of all my enemies. Go away, all who do evil, for the Lord has heard my weeping."

Have you noticed? That many times the present events that cause you grief, can cause your thoughts about the future to become faded / blurred? That sometimes the cares of life overwhelm your ability to even reason properly? This must be the feelings that David is expressing, in this verse.

His final solution is to bid the evil doer to leave \ be gone, due to the fact that he has brought these many sorrows before the Lord and surrendered them to the only one that can bring solace to them.

The next two verses we will meditate on tomorrow are the place of our assurance, that we have for refuge. Our comfort arises from our ability to find assurance for those times of sorrow. Jesus spoke of this very same solution for times of trial in Matt. 7:7 "Keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you."

Here in the middle of these verses we find in Matt. 5:1-7:12 which have been called the Beatitudes (The Proper Attitudes). Jesus teaches his disciples just how to deal with the struggles of life. Interesting in the middle of these teachings He deals with just how to deal with the worries of life. His solution is what we must learn also, Go to God for His solutions, then we will find rest.

SO GO WITH GOD my dear ones, for there we will find, solace, rest, peace, and all of the solutions that we have need for in life. Just now, this very instant the ducks flew by overhead and you won't believe what they are doing. They are calling out to their creator, and to one another, reminding themselves of just who is loving and caring for them. In the same way we are in need of being reminded. That in the middle of struggle, to call out to our creator, and to one another, of just who is leading our lives. Then toi but rest in His directing hands.

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