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Friday 11/4

According to 1 Kings 1:1-53 Who was the son of David & Haggith? Let’s see how many of you get the right answer?

Prov. 24:28,29 “Don’t testify against your neighbors without cause; don’t lie about them. And don’t say, “Now I can pay them back for what they’ve done to me ! I’ll get even with them!”

Let‘s first remember that a neighbor isn’t just the person who lives next to you,; Remember Jesus’ definition of a neighbor in Luke 10:7-37. He taught that we are to love anyone who we come in contact with.

in these verses Jesus takes the lesson further, we are to love our neighbor. Now he defines just how we demonstrate this love. Don’t look for ways accuse our neighbor, or lie against them, or look for a way to pay them back, for something they did to wrong us.

David experienced first hand in 1 Sam. 26:8-11 how that God will repay for evil committed against him. In the same way we are to repay evil with good. We must remember that we are ambassadors of the king (Jesus). Rather let the Lord rightly handle the matter.

Matt. 7:12 is called the Golden Rule in other words the rule we should live by “Do to others what you would like them to do to you.” Then Jesus’ went on to say that this is the very essence of all of the laws laid down in the Bible. If we are going to hope to be a reflection of Jesus’ in our lives, this truth should stand out in the greatest way.

My dad lived this out to his greatest example. He would look for ways to honor those he lived next to. When he was the warehouse manager, he would go out of his way to help the neighbors around the company, use his equipment to help them.

One time after a wind storm the neighbors tree fell down on the corner of the warehouse and damaged the roof. Dad went over that morning, to the neighbor, an elderly couple, and assured them that we would come over on the weekend and clean it up. The next day was Saturday and dad asked me to help him clean up the damage. We cut the trees, loaded them into our old trailer, and hauled them away. Then we fixed the damage on the company roof, I was amazed but dad paid for the materials that were needed out of his own pocket.

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