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As the say back in MO. Well, Howdy. Its a new day with new challenges, and new grace.

Did you guess "The toothpick capital of the U.S. to be Maine, if so, you were right. Just think these little wooden tooth picks have been around for thousands of years. The small town of Strong, Maine with a population of only 1,000 people has been producing 95% of the 75 billion devices we call toothpicks each year. They found that white birch was the perfect ingredient for picks and due to the fact that this town was rampant with white birch trees they continued on the mission of producing these ingenious devices.

Here is a question drawing from your Bible knowledge. Which person had the unique privilege of baptizing Jesus? Was it Joseph; Matthew; John the Baptist; or Paul? Make a guess, Hint: Check out Matt. 3:13-17 for the undisputable answer. Also the question if this covenant weren't important why did Jesus make it a "thing".

On the lighter side! What musical instrument is found in the bathroom? Yep you got it; A tuba toothpaste.

Tuesday 9/12

Yesterday we mourned the 20 year loss of 9/11 victims which were the embodiment of what the loss of friends & family members brings to our world. We say with much grief, "We won't forget" This is definitely a reminder of the truth found in or verse today.

Eccl. 4:12 "A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken."

This is the last verse in a series of reminders as to the benefits of being together (companionship) through life's struggles. The many benefits of fellowship, (or as the saying defines fellowship - two or three fellows in the same ship).

Many people today fail to recognize one of the most powerful benefits of gathering together as believers (or what we call church) and its necessity. The most important part of the benefit of believers gathering is (the affirmation of our union with God).

Satan is on the attack; to destroy believers confidence & trust in our mighty Father. However, as we gather together then he will be defeated.

Many times Christians become convinced that the essence of our church family gathering is the worship, or the preaching, or the prayer time that makes up the vitally important part of church fellowship.

However, as we look at the scriptures we are reminded that the powerful force of the early, downtrodden, even imprisoned early church, was the process of getting together breaking bread but most importantly fellowshipping around the memories of Jesus' words of comfort, correction, & instruction, etc. and then most importantly sharing in His words of courage, strength, and communion that we most importantly have with our Eternal Father, His Love for us all.

Many times when Satan separates us from his flock, we are weak, sick, and susceptable to fear, uncertainty, and yes even error. Then we are more prone to being devoured, malled, and yes even destroyed.

He (Satan) uses the dangerous tools, of division. Maybe their just hurtful words, or critical attitudes, or divisive actions, or judgemental thoughts. Regardless of their intent they accomplish being used to break away the most powerful union we have, the fellowship of the believers.

Just think, Solomon the most popular king in all of Israel's history, with crowds of people crowding around him for wisdom & guidance. With people traveling from around the world to listen to his words of strength, and yet even He was reticent of the need of close, open, tender words of compassion & care that only our loving Father can pour over our lives.

When the struggles of life become so destructive, and present, but most of all, so powerful and filled with the worst poison of all; words that wreak hurt, bitterness, and are destructive in nature to those who are most importantly our flock.

That is the challenge, to rather than run away, leave their presence, but rather instead to intertwine our lives with those members of the flock who are right there, lovingly desiring to intertwine their lives with us. Those who know our warts & blemishes, but love us none the less.

So Go With God for He will be there in those hurtful times, those times of uncertainty, when words are spoken that send deep darts intro our very most central feelings & thoughts. Draw to Him my dear one for then He will draw us to Him and intertwine us with the flock members who are most importantly equipped with words & thoughts of care & compassion.

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Lindsay Winterton
Sep 12, 2023

John the baptist.



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