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Saturday 11/5

If you read 1 Kings 1:1-53 you found out that Adonijah was the son of David & Haggath. There were 2 men who tried help Adonijah become king. Name one of them. _________________

Prov. 24:30,31 “I walked by the field of a lazy person, the vineyard of one with no common sense. I saw it was overgrown with nettles. It was covered with weeds, and it’s walls were broken down.”

This lesson today is a clear reminder of those who put off the necessity of hard work. They bring an overgrown field, and broken down walls. This results in a person being poor, and in need.

My mom used to say; you may not have fancy clothes, but you should always work hard to care for what you have. Keep them clean, and maintained. As a child once we all come home from school we changed out of our school clothes (the clothes with no tears or patches) and then put on our play clothes. (the ones with many patches) My mother was a master at covering up patches with decorative design. Pinterest today had nothing on my mother, Ha!

If I got a tear in my school clothes, then mom would bring out the new clothes she had saved that she had found on sale, earlier in the year, then the tear would be patched and then they become my play clothes.

In the same way, the farmer should work hard to keep any weeds that could take root and chock out the growing, productive crops. In California we have tumble weeds, and they take root in the soil and overcrowd the productive crops. Then at harvest time if they haven’t been removed they break loose when the winds come & they roll dropping seeds that will spread, called goat heads. When they are stepped on they either pierce your shoe, or are crushed into the ground to grow another destructive plant In the future.

The same is true of those who fail to remove sinful practices from their lives, they spread hurt & harm to themselves, as well as, to others in their lives. Like the farmer, we must toil to remove those weeds, (confusing practices) and destructive plants (evil thoughts) in order to be productive.

Lesson: It takes little effort to provide an atmosphere where corruption & destruction can begin its

harmful work.

So Go With God and He will bring desires into your heart that will bring wholesome growth & wisdom that builds your life with powerful actions. They will in turn bring a productive life & protective insights, that not only brings prosperity & strength, into your life, but also into the lives of those around you.

Lindsay Winterton


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