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Tuesday. 10/4

Did you know that we breathe out of one nostril ar a time? Just think you can smell up to 1trillion odors, and trap harmful debris before it gets to your lungs. Wow who knew?

Our meditation is Prov. 23:1,3 "While dining with a ruler, pay attention to what is put before you... Don't desire all the delicacies, for he might be trying to trick you."

This warning basically tells us to exercise restraint. Especially because of the tendency of evil men to lure you into his trap through over eating & drinking.

Daniel experienced that in Dan. 1:8, he refused to defile himself. Many of those present leaders were corrupted by overeating & over indulging in much wine. This resulted in reducing their endeavors.

Daniels purposful living, eating and worship of the living God caused him to be productive and wise in his efforts. On the other hand the other servants tended to be less productive.

So in order to reduce Daniel's favor with the king they attempted to put him in direct conflict with what they knew was His worship of God.

They were jealous that his God had made him vital to the kings reign so they attempted to harm his efforts. But God turned the jealousy & evil action of his co-workers into blessings for Daniel and his Jewish friends.

Food is neutral not evil or good, however, the proper use of food can bring good or harm to our lives. Thus the warning of this passage, to recognize the benefit of food but not to become dominated by it.

So Go With God for He will provide for all our needs, while food can not.



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