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Here's a great question. What kind of bird can write? Well of course, A PENguin. Ha!

Here's another humorous comment.

No one's family is normal. Normalcy is a lie invented by advertising agencies to make the rest of us feel inferior. Claire LaZebnik, novelist

Monday 5/29

Prov. 30:33 "As the beating of cream yields butter and striking the nose causes bleeding, so stirring up anger causes quarrels."

The last verses 29-31 lead us in dealing with the example of God's creation and how wisdom points out the innate character trait created in these varied instances & 4 individual positive qualities demonstrated through them.

Next verse 32 teaches us how to deal with our foolish tendencies.

Now through verse 33 Agur relates natural beneficial causes; cream being stirred to butter; (puts milk in a state where spoiling is lessened; hitting your nose causing bleeding; (results in clotting which stops bleeding), so in the same way, stirring up anger will cause conflict; (this response makes one aware of sensitive concerns).

He strives to point out both the cause & effect of natural circumstances, and the positive response we should take. If we see anger arising, then we must respond to this by setting limits in order to calm this response.

With milk we should chill and isolate the cream from the milk ingredients to halt the process. In the case of a bleeding nose, halt activity, lay head back down to allow gravity to cause bleeding to cease. In the same way, when anger is rising in intensity, either stop discussions of the matter causing elevation of emotion, or move away from individual person who is under stress. By introducing new thoughts, humor, or other forms of distraction.

Anger usually is an outward expression of disappointment, or the heightening of emotions. So in order to lessen the intensity, it is wise to turn away from the tension by diverting away from the cause of the frustration. Seek to determine what the center of the frustration comes from. Sometimes that is found to be directed to a certain individual, other times it is based on a specific issue. In either case it is wise to move the area of conflict away from the person who is tense.

As in the four instances before discussed, the best way to diffuse tension with the lion, rooster, male goat, kings army, is to move away from conflict. Recognizing the one in charge & surrender to that one in leadership, and rather purposing to learn from that leader.

In the same way we need to Go With God, rather than rising to conflict in areas we cannot change, we need to learn the valuable quality of taking His yoke on ourselves, rather than attempting to handle the challenge alone.

One of the lessons that I have learned from my sons is to recognize my limits and not being afraid to lean on others for solutions. For instance, Ben, though he has years of experience in computers, he isn't afraid to go to the internet for answers he has either forgotten or is not specialized in. While, Josh, if he needs assistance in crunching numbers using a specialized program to speed up the process, or develop a program to make easier the areas that will need to be repeated he is quick to develop a process to achieve that.

In the same way we shouldn't hesitate to go to God & His word for direction & answers in related areas of life. As well as, not be afraid to direct others to Him for answers to areas that only He can know the answers. So my dear ones rest in Him & your relationship with Him.

I can't forget upon buying a house that had been vacant for many years in cold whether, Dad turned on the water before we moved in and it seemed that every where there were leaks. We found out that many people had bought the house and given up due too the level of repairs for this very reason.

So Dad said lets start with the leaks we can see, and begin there. For more than a month we would go there after he came home from work every night, except Wednesday & Sunday. That was one time I was glad to go to church, for that meant not running up & down two stories of stairs, sliding under the floor in the dirt, etc. running to shut off the water. At the end of the month we had fixed the what seemed to be many hundred of breaks in the lines in & under the house.

I remember going to the bank at the end of the month to turn in the key in surrender & the bank manager came out and told my dad that the officers of the bank had decided to rather than us giving up on buying the house due to so many leaks, they were cutting the price by $10,000 dollars. In that day that was like $100,000 now. So dad said he would need to talk it over with the family, because we were all sacrificing for this.

We went home and called a family meeting & discussed just what we should do. Mom really wanted the house, so she reminded us of God's privisions, the down payment from Shepherd of the Hills for 10 year rent payments not having been paid. Joplin Supply donating pipe & other supplies for dads loyal efforts for the company over the years. We All promised to pray over night & come back together in the morning for Sunday breakfast. Mom had made fresh baked cinnamon rolls, and we then headed to Sunday went to church.

The pastor preached on putting your hand to the plow & then turning your head to look back. After the sermon and a great meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob, we all agreed that we should move on in fixing the house.

We, dad & I went to work with a new fervor, and for the next few weeks finished repairing the leaks. We finally finished the repairs, I brought the hand bike tire pump to put air pressure on the lines overnight. After what seemed hours to fill the line I pumped & pumped & pumped until the gauge showed 50 lbs.

We sat down on the basement floor, the bottom step and prayed asking God to guide us, to hold together all the joints that we had repaired. This was in the day when galvanized pipe was the usual material used for repairs. Dad & I got in the car exhausted, then just before starting the car he said "Let's take one last look & see what the pressure gauge says." Yes, thats right it was still 50lbs. Wow, you would have thought we had walked across the Red Sea on dry ground by the way we were filled with new excitment.

So Go With God He will see you through. As I stood at Dad's casket, that last time, I was reminded of his constant reminder to me that rang throughout our time together in this life, whether in person or on the phone. Son, "He will see you through." And true to his words, He has seen me through, over & over and He will see you through my dear one.

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May 29, 2023

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