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So, Do you know, Why the cat put on a cocktail dress? Well, of course, It was because, She was fel-ine fancy.

Thursday 4/20

Prov. 30:5 "Every word of God proves true. (pure) He is a shield to all who come to him for protection."

Notice: Now Agur turns from how God is revealed to us through creation (nature) next, he reminds us of just how the Bible reveals Him in various circumstances.

Along with these insights, we are reminded of His infallibility through these many passages.

As well as, the security that we can enjoy as we put our trust in our Father.

David reminded us of this very confidence in Psa. 18:30; 84:11; as well as, 115:9 where he reminds the

nation, the spiritual leaders, as well as, any people who reverence Him.

In todays world there are groups of people who seek to teach that only certain parts of scripture are God breathed, some parts are just a recounting of historical events, without proclaiming they are inspired by God. However, this first part of the verse says, "Every word" is "proven true" this clearly makes this statement in order to clearly state the case that the Bible is either totally of God or not. We are left without any wiggle room for human interpretation.

Jesus made this same claim in Matt. 4:4

Paul made this same claim in 2 Tim. 3:16

If a person takes the sort of position, that they must determine what is from God, or just historical accounting, then he takes on the role of being a judge, rather than God.

Its kind of like today, we have some judges that determine the validity of some decision based on their own thinking rather than based of the laws that were laid out in the constitution.

When we begin to sort out God's instruction by what we agree with or what seems reasonable, we take away the purity, (truth), of the Bible, and it begins to become a human club rather than a protective shield.

I had a history teacher in high school who attempted to sort out historical truth based on his own thinking, rather than on the laws set out in the Bible. He began the class the first day of school, by having all students who believed the Bible to be accurate, dependable, and trust worthy, to stand up. I remember looking around the class and instantly standing up, thinking that there were others in the class who went to the same church as I, and believing they would stand up just as I had. Unfortunately, I was the only person in the class.

Then that teacher began to teach history attempting to demonstrate the fallacy of the Bible, religion, etc. by what proved to be beneficial to mankind. He began by stating that all harm & loss, as well as war was based on the Bible's, words, and teachings.

At first I remained silent, thinking that this was going to be only a passing process, then surely we would look at history in a more objective perspective. However, I was wrong. The first day of class was very confrontational against any who were believers. After going home, that evening in family devotions, dad was going through the Old Testament, where we were going through the book of judges.

This book spoke of just how Israel became godless, and was harmed by rejecting God's instruction, and then the evil nations around them attacked them and then defeated them. As a result of this they became slaves, of their enemies. Finally they turned back to God, threw off these evil thinking's and turned to God for deliverance.

This devotion time became a powerful influence in my thinking. So I went back the next day, and sat in silence in history class, however, this became harder with each day. Finally, Friday came, that was a discussion day, where questions we had could be discussed. I began the discussion by asking the teacher if he had every read the Bible. He said yes, I asked him, had he read the book of Judges, because it was a historical accounting of nations over a long period of time.

He admitted he had not in its entirety, I recoccmended that it might be helpful, because many of the things we had been studying were referred to there. I didn't say it to attack him, but rather to further inform him. Unfortunately, He took that as an attack on him. He went home that weekend and read the whole book, and set his whole historical position in opposition to this book of the Bible.

My Sunday school teacher was our science teacher, and I asked him after class to teach S.S. for a few weeks on Judges & his interpretation. Being a good teacher, he started on that project that very Sunday. Then my history teacher came back with a synopsis if Judges on Monday, however, that did not harmonize with my science teachers position. So being a dedicated student I asked him some questions relating to S.S. Class.

To make a long series of events boil down to a short story, the one teacher in S.S. took a total opposing position from my history teacher, and to make matters worse my dad in family devotions agreed totally with my S.S. teacher. This became a shoot out the next Friday discussion period. Needless to say, the rest of the year became a very intense series of challenges.

He tried to demean me in order to gain the respect of the class, I didn't know, but these two teachers had some heated discussions in the faculty lounge, that year. Looking back that year defined for me the necessity of reading, studying, and applying the Bible to all sorts of reasonings. This prepared me for a life of seeking God's instruction in all sorts of daily circumstances.

So Go With God and He will become your shield of protection for each days challenges. By the way as a spin off of this, several boys from S.S. began meeting each day at lunch to study the Bible. This became so well received by other students that we needed a room to allow a more free discussion, which ultimately became a club which had to meet in the auditorium to house all the kids who came to discuss the Bible.

The three boys who began that endeavor went to Bible school and became involved in teaching, preaching, discipling others, in their future.

If we unleash His Word in our life, it will be a powerful tool in our lives and others. Charles Stanley stated this fact many times. "God's plan for enlarging His kingdom is so simple--one person telling another about the Savior."

brenda x


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