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Way to go everyone you all got the correct answer for the book that was made famous in the 20's. The Great Gastby. I didn't know you all were so well read.

Here is a riddle to ponder. What goes around the world but stays in the corner? Let's see who can solve this puzzle? Answer tomorrow.


Psalm 1:3 "The ungodly are not so, But are like the chaff which the wind drives away."

In order to understand this verse we must understand several things.

First, the meaning of ungodly- it is important to remember from our past study, that to be ungodly

means those who are in absolute disobedience and rebellion against God, not just questioning His

existence, or seeking truth.

Second, chaff was the husk that grew around the kernel of wheat, that protected the wheat kernel

from the weather, however, once harvested was discarded due to the fact that it has no further

benefit, in fact if not removed from the grain is harmful if ingested.

Third, the process of separating the chaff from the grain was for it to be placed on a firm surface,

of the threshing floor, then oxen walking in circles which in turn separated the chaff from the grain.

Fourth, once the grain was separated, the farmer would throw the contents into the air and the chaff

being lighter than the grain would blow away and the grain would fall back into the basket, in this

way sperating the grain from the husk.

Now, with this practical understanding the harvester was taught this lesson from the illustration, that the ungodly like the chaff, were not well-planted, fruitful, enduring, or prosperous. They were like chaff lacking any long term benefit beyond this purpose of protection during the maturing process. It lacked substance (had no further benefit) was easily blown away by the storms of life, and was proven to be unstable (only a slight breeze would blow it away).

SO GO WITH GOD for He will be our protection and will cause our lives to be well-planted, fruitful, and enduring. The warning here being that the ways, the thinking of the world are just as meaningless as the shell of chaff, or an empty shell. They appear to have value, but when the time for testing comes, their value is borne out. They have no long term consequence, they are thrown about, and proven to be inconsequential. Our lives only have longevity as we draw to our wise Father, take upon ourselves His fullest benefit, and cling to His truths (love), for they will always bring meaning and long term value to our lives.

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