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On the vinyl record, what does LP stand for? Does it stand for Level Part, Long Play, Little Power, or Loud Piano? Make your guess.


Ecclesiastes 11:8 "... Everything still to come is meaningless."

The final part of the verse reflects on the truth that outside of us living in away that brings an honor, confidence, and trust in our Father causes our lives to have little or no meaning. Without the recognition that we are mere mortals and He alone brings to our lives joy and appreciation results in all things being bound up in our failling to bring to our world an element of reality pointing to His works, that alone causes our efforts to become worthless of any value.

Therefore, when the normal aches and pains of life during old age, without regard for His purposes for us, causes our life to become filled with emptiness, and vanity. So this reality results in us redirecting the meaning of life with a need for longing to search for experiences of joy and benefit from all the experiences in our lives.

SO GO WITH GOD for this daily, moment by moment experience and outlook causes our lives to go beyond just human effort, and to become eternal, and meaningful in so many ways. My dear one, the eternal truths of life are never wasted when we live before Him forgetting the works, meanings, and purposes of life beyond this present world.

Lindsay Winterton
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Feb 09

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