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Good morning to you my dear friend, it is another Wednesday.

Can you guess when our first Postal Service began?

Well, it was July 26, 1775 and Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General. He was chosen for this task because of his exceptional efficiency & organizational skills.

He served in this capacity for more than 20 years. The system that he created grew from 75 post offices to more than 40,000 today. Talk about a legacy. Wow

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 20:21 “An inheritance gained hastily at the beginning, Will not be blessed at the end. “

This warning has two phases:

“Hastily” meaning too quickly

& meaning to early in life

Both of these warnings have been proven true for many instances & many years, both historically and biblically.

While Becky & I visited the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island, this fact was borne out.

Here the Vanderbilt’s, the Hunt’s, the Oelrich’s, Wetmore’s, the Jones family, (where by the way, the saying “keeping up with Jones” was begun) the Betwind’s, and the Morris family and others.

We noticed that the families who required their children to become part of the efforts of the family business, became productive & beneficial to themselves and others.

While, those families who failed to guide their children through an experience of daily work ethic, fell into lives of selfish purposes.

As a result they became; depressed, cruel, selfish, useless, or destructive, etc. Then in time they weren’t able to maintain their business, mansion, or family. Then their homes fell into disrepair and were sold to pay their taxes & remodeling requirements. This resulted in no benefit to their family or children. So sad.

Solomon also past this warning to his sons both by God’s instruction and by his own family experience.

Just think back for a minute, he experienced this through his brothers failures.

One son forced David out of his own palace in order to become king, but died fleeing Israel’s army.

While a large number of his brothers were given kingship’s of smaller tribes.

However, most of them failed to gain useful experience from their father. Instead their pride got in the way, and they failed to love those they were to placed to care for and rule over.

Most of them refused to follow God and, as a result, their wisdom came from men they trusted rather than God. This led to failure and defeat.

Knowing this, it is no wonder that when Solomon was asked by God what he wanted, to aid him in ruling Israel. He ask for God’s wisdom, in other words, His viewpoint in all of life.

Motives that influenced man,

both unbelieving mankind,

and those who feared God.

Necessities for leading a mass

of peoples.

Notice, that throughout the recordings of the kings in the Bible. Those who followed God’s ways prospered to the extent that they followed Him & His laws. However, those who failed to follow their earthly or Heavenly Father also failed in life.

So Go With God and our loving Father will guide you & cause you to be wise in all your ways. You see, the Father has His plans for your life. Plans of blessings, joy, fulfillment, richness (not wealth), and wisdom.

Lindsay Winterton


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