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Well can you believe it? Its Friday, the end of a work week. I must admit that though each of you mentioned some funny female (can I use that word?) comedians. But the only one who after a poll was taken received the most votes to crown her "Queen of Comedy" in the 50's and that was Carol Burnett.


Ecclesiastes 9:9 "Live happily with the woman you love through all of the meaningless days of life that God has given you under the sun. The wife God gives you is your reward for all your earthly toil."

Now today in order to understand the thought of this verse we need to put it into the context of all the verses coming before it in verses 1-9. Solomon is emphasizing for us the gracious hand of God in our lives and the many rewards that have follow our lives throughout. In this verse he is pointing out the special blessings that came with the special person in your life your mate.

Please bear with me for a time. I must admit to God that He brought to my life the most special person to become my wife, Becky. Now you have to promise me that you won't tell her that I said these things, OK? SHHHHH...

When I think about all of the people created in God's creation I am amazed at the wonder of Becky. She everyday reminds me of His wonder, in drawing us together in all of the world. Me just a country bumpkin living in the sticks of the little town of Carterville, Mo. with its one yellow blinking light. While her living halfway across the nation in the center of a small town in Wenatchee, Washington state.

Only God could have brought us together. She with a heart to love and serve God, and me leaving my family and traveling to this massive state of millions of people, with that same desire. To love Him and with the same desire to tell others of His love for them.

When you look at this absolute amazing wonder, you can't help but stand in awe of this miraculous miracle. I haven't told many people but when I dream't of Becky as a young boy, my mom comforted me, and I'm sure she thought that it was just a fluke. But many years later as I stood in Wenatchee, Wash., that dream came rushing into my eyes, standing in the front of the church just before we were joined in marriage. "That, was the girl of my dreams", I was overwhelmed with wonder that moment.

The difficult thing was though, that this was the moment I was to sing the song, "Almost there". Yes there before several hundred people I did my best to blubber through the song, as I was overwhelmed with the realization of the fulfillment of my childhood dreams. Oh well, all was forgotten when I explained to Becky what had happened in that moment.

Solomon goes onto to say "Live happily" its not a command but rather an encouragement to realize the joy that living with a heart dedicated to love God will bring real a rich, fulfilling of joy in the rest.

Becky and I were just talking about this just yesterday. How most of the things that she says that she fears others may be irritated with her humor, they instead many times bring joy, humor, happiness to me. Oh, I know that all seems foolish, but it none the less is true. Just last night she said something that I saw as funny and it made happiness to come to me and fill my mind with funny thoughts.

Her love for the many other people in her life, children, grandchildren, ladies groups, childrens church, GNC kids, as well as, her use of music to lead others to bring praise to our Father, etc. etc. etc. I could go on, but I won't bore you.

Solomon goes on to say "The wife God gives you is your reward". All I can say is that she in my life is more than I deserve, or have even earned. She says funny humorous things which flow and bring joy to the rest of my life.

Becky with her quips that bring my thoughts of sadness back to joy, at that very moment I am reminded of the treasure that He has graciously put into my life, that He gave/rewarded me with.

Go back for a minute where He says, "Live happily ... through the meaningless days of life". Have you ever lived through a time in your life that seemed without meaning? Just think, God has given you your marriage partner to bring meaning from those meaningless times. Oh, I can think of so many times that Becky fulfilled this promise in my life. Through hard difficult, hurtful, times she brought meaning.

SO GO WITH GOD for He promised to bring that person of reward into your life, and He faithfully has. Do you remember that day that you bought that ring that you hoped would bring just a glimpse of the feeling of love you have for your mate? He/she is the reward of God in your life,

I remember visiting dad after mom was gone. He would think of a time of joy that mom brought to his life. He would stop and tell me of something in the house, car, garage that reminded him of mom and he would be overwhelmed with how blessed he had been, with her presence in his life.

So, rather than race ahead with the duties of life take time to reflect on the many joys that your spouse has showered on you, each day.

Take a minute to listen to Louis Armstrong's song "What a wonderful World" that he recorded in 1967.

Listen to the words, they are repeating Solomon's words of today's verse.

brenda x


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