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Thursday 9/22

Hey can you choose which breed of dog that can't bark. Is it the Whippet; Borzoi; Saluki; or Basenji? __________

Did you make a guess? I will tell you tomorrow which breed it is. I'll give a hint. It comes from Africa, and is considered the world's oldest domestic breed of dog.

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 22:12 "The eyes of the Lord preserve knowledge, But He overthrows the words of the faithless."

This phrase "eyes of the Lord" is found more than 750 times in the Bible. If you get a chance this is a vital study to take on. Blue Letter is a great tool to help along your study.

The main thought here is that man is unable to be trusted in knowing all things. Due to the fact that we are limited in our knowledge, while God is "All Knowing".

Notice also that God promises to not just be knowledgeable, but to also preserve knowledge. One of the

places that He has preserved this knowledge is in this book of Proverbs.

For we know that the knowledge that Solomon had was from God. Just think he was passing on "eternal

knowledge" in other words an understanding of full truth. Action & then Outcome. Though Solomon had not lived past his lifetime he was passing on truth beyond himself, as well as, to the end of time.

This next phrase "He overthrows the words of the faithless" is a warning. God will halt the progress of those people who rebel against His truth.

in other words God will overthrow false teachers & expose lies.

The final word is that He alone is the arbiter/impartial judge of truth & justice.

So Go With God He will guide us if we just follow in His ways.

Lindsay Winterton
Sep 22, 2022




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