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Oh my dear one, may today be a day of desiring The Father’s working in our lives. Our desire is that we may be so desirous of Him being seen in our life; that the world about us will be won to Him by that reality.

Our verse for meditation is Prov. 13:19-21 ”It is pleasant to see dreams (desires) come true... Walk with the wise and become wise; ... blessings reward the righteous.”

In this journey we’re on with Christ & His Spirit, the closer we get to Him the more we realize how far we need to go. Peter in Luke 5:8 and Isaiah in Isa. 6:5 both came to that same reality in their lives. Our dream (desire) is to be more like Him. Guess what. The day of the realization of that dream is coming, for when we see Jesus, we’ll be instantly transformed 1 John 3:2.

In the meantime we’re Christians in the making. The more we fellowship with those who have that same desire (dream) the more blessings we enjoy. That’s why we are so uplifted when we join together at church.

David in 1 Sam. 22:2 saw this come to pass in his early life. As he lived with a group of broken men and drew them to walk with him in fellowship with God, they became mighty warriors 1 Sam. 23:8.

So Go with God and His desirous people and He will make us into Christ’s image with His character, His strength. Prov. 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron”

Shirley McMahan


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