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Yep, it's Wednesday and the answer to our quiz yesterday was Reese's Pieces. Several of you, Brenda & Becky, got the right answer, way to go, you were definetely more observant than I was.

Does anyone know what the Hebrew term "Avinu Malkenu" mean? Does it mean; 1) Our Father, Our Savior 2) Our Father, Our King 3) Our Creator, Our King 4) Our Father, Our God. If you chose 2) Our Father, our King; you were right. Good choice.

Our meditation for today is found in

Prov. 21:23 "Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles."

This verse focuses on two things:

Guard your mouth - in other words be

cautious about the

words you speak

Keep your soul - most of the times the

things that we speak

are due to the things

that we think about &

the things we think

about are connected

with what we meditate


Have you noticed that careless words can bring all kinds of troubles into your life.

Have you ever thought to yourself; Why did open my big mouth and say that."

My dad used to say, "engage your brain before you open your mouth."

Another saying is; "Your ears aren't made to close, but your mouth is."

Quick, hurtful, harsh words can inflict unfathomable damage on another person. My neighbor's mother used to say to him, "Jimmy you'll never amount to a hill of beans." Every time I heard her say that to him I was determined to say back to him, "No, you'll be worth a mountain of them." Then we would laugh away from her ear shot, of course.

Many years later he said to me when I came to town for a family visit. "Ben, you saying that so many times made me feel that I could accomplish


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