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Monday 1121

Have you noticed that food even snacks taste different when your in flight, maybe even a little bland? If you have, here are some possible reasons. One reason is that high altitudes affect our taste buds (Make flavors taste bland). Secondly, 6,000 - 8,000 altitude decreases the oxygen level in our blood which dull our olfactory receptors (put them asleep), which reduces our ability to taste seasonings. So that bland taste you have noticed isn’t a figment of your imagination. Mystery solved. Ha ha. Next time you fly save a bag of snacks & try out this fact Once on the ground.

Prov. 25:16 “Do you like honey? Don’t eat too much, or it will make you sick.”

Have you noticed that any excess of even good, tasty things will soon result in uneasiness in your stomach. Variety in flavorings result in the food you consume to be more desirable. Hot flavors combined with mild flavors, etc. This is true not only in food, but actually in most any sensory factors. In fact, the coming verses pass on warnings to this affect.

Back to honey; part of its enjoyment is foods which are comparative, ie. peanut butter - salty, with honey - sweet. This combination of tastes enhance each other. Pancakes with syrup and with butter, are another perfect example.

So what are these examples attempting to illustrate? Simple, variety is a vital principle; a humorous friend is most enjoyable when in the company with a more thoughtful friend. God purposefully made these varieties for our enjoyment. Sweet, salty, sour, all mixed together are pleasantly enjoyable. That’s why sour, sweet gummies awaken your taste buds & cause the level of moisture in your mouth to be heightened.

So we come to the abrupt reality that all of these mixtures of tastes, humor, thoughts, etc. bring together a balanced, healthful, beneficial, mix. Friends who are funny, thoughtful, intense, easy going, bring to us a variety that assists us in coping with all of life. It’s sadness, humor, thought provoking, laid back, all blend together to bring balance into our lives. Help us become more balanced.

A friend in my life, Rick Brooks, helped me to bring balance to a major event in my life. I was conducting a major basketball tournament with three levels of basketball, middle school, high school & college, at the same event a cheering competition, refs, three gyms, a speaker sharing the gospel midday.

This was my first such event, I was ready to drive away just before the event, (was at the exit to leave) but God sent Rick there that day to be that balancing source into my life. He got out of his car & with humor, smile on his face asked me the question, “Whats the worst thing that can happen.” That level of reason brought everything back into balance. Throughout the coming ministry challenges, Rick‘s voice has come to me many times.

God had just the right person, at just the right time to bring balance & confidence in Him (God)… if we will but put our trust in him. Rick became my ministry father for those many years, and in fact is even today. His news letters even today are a monthly reminder of the faithfulness of God in the life of His children who are forging ahead in faithful, confident obedience. Thanks God & Rick.

Many such Rick’s are surrounding us if we but look to the Father for His loving, wise influencers in our lives.

So Go With God for He made & brought all of these mixtures of people into our lives, in order for us to be able to determine wise conclusions for our life. He made you; You for a very definite reason, relax in who you are, and look for others who bring balance into your life. If you are prone to take life & its struggles too seriously, ask your Father to bring others who bring humor to you in your life or visa versa. But most importantly Go With God!!!

Lindsay Winterton


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