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Happy Friday to all my beloved friends. Hey, Do you know; Why the crocodile ran his mile so fast? That’s right, because He had Gatorade. You did a great job. Several of my grandchildren call it Alligator Juice. (Rosie & Parker especially)

Our meditation is found in

Prov. 19:1 “Better is the poor who walks in his integrity Than one who is perverse in his lips and is a fool.

There are many “better than” proverbs:

Prov. 15:16

Prov. 16:18

Prov. 17:1

Prov. 28:6

All of these focus on having a right relationship with God, as a most important priority.

In other word, if you must choose, anything over integrity DON’T. It has staying power, all the other choices will slowly bring harm to the chosee.

In case you don’t concur just ask any present day person in court over false statements they made.

This book places a premium on the honor of integrity over wealth or health. Just in case you don’t agree check out this passage. (Prov. 3:1-12)

We are definitely facing a period of time where the value of convictions are considered of lessor value than power, riches, and influence. In fact the

common thought is that poverty for the life of the believer is probably due to sin or the lack of faith. That isn’t consistent with reality in that Jesus as well as all the disciples & apostles were poor in worldly goods, but wealthy in the fear of the Lord. They chose honor to God over riches, power, or influence in the eyes of man.

The next phrase puts a clarifying focus on this truth, it compares holding onto integrity and its value over the opposite of lying & foolishness.

So Go With God and He will enrich your life with treasures that are eternal. In a world focused on earthly riches Our Father reminds us to keep “our eyes on heaven”.

Jesus did that in His earthly life, He ministered to the publican & sinner rather than the political & religious leaders of His day. He is now setting on the right hand of the Father in honor of His ministry Given over to integrity & eternal values.



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