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Hey, How many bones do you think sharks have? Is it 1; 0; 250; Or 20? Well if you guessed 0 you were right. Sharks have no bones rather their skeletal structure is made of cartilage. It is lighter and that is part of why they are able to swim with such great speed.

Thursday 1/19

Prov. 27:10b "When disaster strikes, you won't have to ask your brother for assistance."

This verse has some thoughts referred too without any direct inference, friendships that are cultivated, are kept alive, and in fact are many times more vibrant relationships than you have with relatives.

Now lets go back and ponder these words.'

"When disaster strikes" this is taking about when some inadvertent troubles arrive in our lives

"You won't have to ask your brother for assistance" the assumption here is that as we live peaceably,

generously, kindly, with those who live alongside of us they will see our adversity and due to our past

responses will compassionately reach out and assist us.

Now don't make the wrong conclusion here, this isn't the intention of denigrating your family ties, but rather is impressing on us the great importance on long-term friendships. Many times our neighbors are nearby and they are able to reach out more readily due to their proximity.

As an example, Becky and I were out of town on a family retreat and a landscape pipe broke, our neighbor awoke from the sound of running water & saw the break in the pipe & so helpfully shut off the valve to avoid us losing lots of water. Our neighboring family members were with us, but our friends next door intervened on our behalf & remedied our problem. This is a perfect example of this counsel in Proverbs.

If we are insulting and hard to get along with others around us then when we are in need our nearby friends may be prone to ignore our immediate need.

When I was working as a plant manager there were many times when parents dropped off their children & couldn't get their car started & I as a matter of fact would help jump their cars and help them get back on the road quickly so they could go about their other duties, many times with other children in their car. These parents were so appreciative of this concern that they would leave gift cards at the front desk to surprise me, due to my small endeavor.

This verse is talking about this sort of compassion that should be the sort of atmosphere that we should contribute too in our life. This is the sort of care & concern that we should have for those folks in our lives.

Imagine what the world about us would be if we all reached out in this way!!!

So Go With God for He will allow this sort of opportunity to come our way so that later on we might have the opportunity to reach them with the Gospel.

Lindsay Winterton
Jo Ann Steward


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