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Well the truth is that the fortune cookie was invented in L.A. in 1918 by a chinese imagrant, David Jung. While being the owner of the Chinese Noodle House, out of concern for the poor people around his business. He made this small, sweet cookie & handed them out around his business. It became so popular that he continued to hand out his small sweet reminders to other business owners around his industry. Then they began to give out to customers, and the rest, as they say, is history.

On the lighter side, Have you ever wondered; How Noah could see the animals in the Ark at night? The easy solution is; well of course with a floodlight. Ho, ha.

Saturday 9/2

(Due to the oppressed & oppresive condition of comfortlessness ) Eccl. 4:2,3 Therefore I praised the dead who were already dead, More than the living who are alive. Yet better than both is he who has never existed, Who has not seen the evil work that is done under the sun."

These verses of Ecclesiates in chapter 4:1-12 are similar to Job 3:3-6; Jer. 20:14-18. However these two were lamenting their own suffering, while Solomon is addressing the oppression & injustice in the world at large & sadly the condition fallen to his nation Israel .

Solomon points out the common thinking of people of our world and those generally in power of, "Might is right". He came to the conclusion far before King Arthur & the round table, and before the tenets of our US constitution that provided for the thinking of "innocent until proven guilty".

His conclusion early in the final formation of Israel's justice system, was that man has the tendency to overlook God's instruction to give every person the opportunity to a hearing. That before judgement is laid down, regardless of his position in life, rich or poor, free or slave, citizen or not, regardless of race, intellect, etc. each person should be awarded the right to voice their truth. Without these glorious conditions of freedom life is for sure hopeless.

Living in this country where justice & freedom for all has been declared a right of all people, we fail to understand these valuable rights, as well as, the importance to uphold them.

Here Solomon is striving to come to a system such as we enjoy today. Without this system of equal justice it is easy to understand the utter hopelessness that could be felt by those people who haven't been granted these rights.

Shortly after the completion of this book of the Bible, and God's instructive hand to Solomon, he began to set in his orders to Israel many of these laws, that are similar to our nation today. With this in mind we can easily understand the concern that Solomon feared to become the order of "might is right" that the nation of Israel had fallen to accept due to the tyranny they had experienced for many years, for they had been controlled by wicked men for the many years of godless control they had suffered & endured.

As we look at this passage from this condition we are able to understand the hopeless condition of those days. We are seeing similar struggles today all around us, here in the US due to corruption & cruelty being given greater influence in our day. As well as, the total disregard of God and His godly design for freedom & justice being upheld.

We are reminded of the great importance that we face in life, to uphold righteousness, truth and freedom for all regardless of their heritage.

We also are made aware of the great importance of upholding the Bible & its instruction in all matters, for to ignore these words, only promise hopeless tyranny, as we see Solomon was faced with in his attempt to turn Israel to the principles to guide them, in these future days he was a faced with.

So Go With God for wherever He is given control; then hope, comfort, right, freedom, are in the watchtower where others led by God are watching over us. As we look around us today we see the tyranny that Satan the evil influencer is bringing into power all around us. Our role is to give ourselves wholly to His leadership and then freedom & justice will be upheld in our nation as well as our lives.

If you have time take as listen to you tube : Letter to the American Church with Eric Metaxes & Gary Hamrick / Cornerstone Chapel (It's quite long but very eye opening)

Lindsay Winterton
Sep 02, 2023

So true, God needs our feeble strength to relax and let go of the grip of worry and a "do it youself" mentality." God is able, and then He is given the freedom to work because of our assent to lay it all before Him. Such freedom in Christ and the Godhead is hard to fathom, it is wondrous to us humans.



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