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Well, this was a first, for me and for you. I guessed the same as most of you that the president who played at the Grand Ole Opry was Clinton, however we were all wrong, it was President. Richard Nixon who played at the Grand Ole Opry. In 1974 he was invited to play there at this famous venue in Nashville. Believe it or not, he was a very talented pianist and even wrote several original songs of his own. He played several songs that night and even sang a little bit. What a surprise to learn this, huh?

On the lighter side, What did the bicycle call its dad? Well of course, Pop-cycle. Ho ha. That way they could just cycle around.

Saturday 8/12

Eccl. 3:3b "A time to tear down and a time to build up."

Becky loves to watch build it shows, and I must admit i am interested to see their final outcome. But I always have a hard time seeing what I see as a perfectly good home torn up just to be a little bit newer or a more contemporary design. So the idea of tearing down something while it is still operative is hard for me to accept or certainly enjoy.

However, I think if something is broken beyond repair, that is a different matter. The idea of rebuilding, or remodeling an awkward or impractical setting, that is a much better scenario for me.

In the same way, the idea of recognizing that something is harmful or unproductive, that is a totally different matter. Becky is good at seeing a more warm or inviting decorative piece of furnishing and how to add it to our home, in order to provide for a more inviting, better environment. I used to say that she could "make a pigs (sows) ear into a silk purse". She has over the years taken many a rough, less than to be desired house and made it into a warm, inviting home.

Solomon is pointing out the difference between intentionally tearing something apart with no idea of how it can be rebuilt to bring benefit from it. To insult & berate a person to the point that they feel

irredeemable with no intention to in any way to build them up is inexcusable in God's eyes.

In working with people I have been invited to help people repair their relationships when they have been taught by others how to rip up others with no understanding of just how to repair or build each other up. Whether this was parents to teens, or with spouses, or in work place conflict.

I believe one of the ills of our day is to rather than learning to understand each other & their thinking. We have decided which side someone is on & then attempt to tear them up rather than find common ground. In listening to the various venue's that RFK junior has been talking in the past few months, to others I think he is attempting to draw people who have been more liberal in their thinking to a more common, reasoned thinking.

It is today more common to go on the attack (be combative) with others rather than listen, hear out the thinking of those who may have a varying position. I think our tendency is to come to a quick fix rather than a redemptive conclusion. (tear up rather than build up)

As the prophet Isaiah said in: Isa. 1:18 Come now and let us reason together, saith the LORD:...

Just think for a minute, here is the prophet speaking to those living in Sodom & Gomorrah, we know what the conflicts must have been there, Right?

Those who differed with the unbelievers of that place (believers) rather than striving to reason with these unbelievers on their need for forgiveness & salvation and Jesus' ability to bring cleansing to their lives. Rather they were arguing over the necessity of carrying out the Jewish traditions, (vs. 13 "vain oblations; proper incense burning; right day for worshiping God, etc.)

Rather than expressing the "Love that God has for mankind", they were focusing on the right way to come before God as (vs. 17 says they rather should well; seek to live justly; give compassion to those who are being unfairly oppressed; seek justice for the orphan & widow).

Our need for today is to strive to reach out to our world, in love & compassion, for they are being treated like a commodity rather than being reasoned with. (academically, politically, judicially, etc.)

In our past study I ran across this verse; Prov. 31:29 "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." and then verse 30 says, "but a woman who fears (reverences) the Lord is to be praised." then verse 31 ends with this challenge, "let her works bring her praise at the city gate." (at the place where justice is provided).

My wife is constantly a challenge to me in this area, she is a peace keeper, her nobility in this way is such a blessing to me, in so many ways, beyond what I could ever deserve. Therefore I desire to bring praise to her right here in this place where we strive to speak justly.

Our precious Lord desires to build us up, in a world led by Satan that is attempting to tear us down, change our thinking, pervert our very walk, but we must only surrender to Him & His yearning for us to commune with Him. As we seek to do "noble things" in reverence to Him we will inadvertently build other up.

So Go With God my dear one for His ways are past us finding out.

brenda x


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