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Well in case you were wondering, Googol is actually a number. It is 1 followed by 100 zeros. In case your bored and have a piece of paper in need of being filled you can take the time to write this number out, or maybe you want to wow, your grandchildren. Ha!

By the way don't forget about the Ice Cream Social today at 4pm. bring your favorite ice cream and join in on the fun.

Saturday 8/19

Eccl. 3:7a "A time to tear (rend) and a time to mend."

This comparison focuses on two possibilities.

First, it can be speaking of a time to grieve over loss, in Gen. 37:29 or Job 1:20. In both of these

cases; Reuben grieving over Joseph being sold into slavery by his jealous younger brothers

Job grieving over the loss of his entire family (as a result of a catastrophy)

Secondly it can speak of a time when fashions change & the need is for the hem to be raised or


In either of these cases, when the style is daring, attention, while tomorrow styles revert to

conservative quaint styles.

The primary lesson being that trends, styles, colors, etc. can change over night & without warning or even benefit to you.

In other words our confidence needs to rest in our Heavenly Father for everything else can fall apart in a moments time.

So Go With God for He alone can be counted on. There is one sure thing, our world has no certainties. Only He can satisfy or be confident in. We must learn this one thing. Place Your Trust In Him.

Here is living proof. Do you remember when houses were built with distinguishing rooms, in order to assure privacy, while todays architectural preference is open concept. The color palette is grey, dark colors, while a few years it was light colors, wall paper, etc. I could go on but this is to say; Don't rest in the preferences of our worldly system, for they will always fail us, but, rather place your confidence in Him for He won't fail or change in any way. We will always be His precious children.



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