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Well, most of the responses were right yes it was "Are you smarter than a 5th grader", Way to go. By the way, have you thought about this? Have you noticed, Is it true that the Flamingo eats upside down & sleeps standing on one leg? Let me know what you think.

Thursday 1/12

Prov. 27:5 "An open rebuke is better than a hidden love!"

By the way, Prov. 28:23 goes a step further by stating that most people would rather face honest fair criticism, than deluded flattery.

  • So back to our verse, you may be asking, Can this be true? Well think about this for a minute. By criticizing you, is the person actually expressing an active form of love to you?

  • Now, before you answer this question, let me take you back to the king who was tricked by the weavers. They acted as though they had designed, and sewn a brand new beautiful suit of clothes, when in all reality they were making a mockery of the king. His ministers went along with the charade and let him parade himself around in his underwear and never warned him of his actual condition.

Which would you desire should this be you?

I think that if we were honest, we would prefer an honest, heartfelt rebuke over being tricked into a foolish outcome, Right? Prov. 3:12 affirms this action by speaking of his response towards us. "For the Lord corrects those He loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights."

So when we compare hidden love or open rebuke, we would definitely chose the corrective action. Just in case your still not in agreement, please answer me this question. Which responses brings the most benefit? Love that is never spoken or correction to assist you properly navigating life with success? OR Ignoring your failings, mistakes which will ultimately bring harm to you rather than proceed with a warning which may keep you from long term harm?

Well the truth behind this warning is: if a person has genuine love toward us, they will go beyond their fear of being rejected by us and in genuine love speak those words of correction in order to protect us from hurt. This verse is one of the verses that contrast "better than". Take a look at these other contrast verses: 12:9; 15:16-17; 16:8,16,19,32; 17:1,12; 19:1,22; 21:1; 25:7,10; 28:6.

So Go With God for He loves us enough to correct our errors & encourage our strengths. We never need to fear His ignoring patterns that will bring ultimate harm & destruction to our lives. Nor will He overlook our strengths & successes. For we all are His delight, He joys in our successes.

Lindsay Winterton


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