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Generally, What does the color red mean when it is painted on the ground? Or how about Orange? Or yellow? Or green? Or Blue? Or purple? Pink? White? Do you know what they mean? If you know what any of these mean why not tell me? By the way these are generally used in areas where construction is going on.

Thursday 4/27

Prov. 30:13 "They look proudly around, casting disdainful glances."

Now, it is important for us to remember that through Agur (God) is warning us of the impact that disrespect to authority, brings to not just children, but to any age of person.

This next consequence that comes to the life of the person who is too proud to respect those who God has placed in authority. In the case of children, their parents, teachers, and leaders, Him.


The first result of disrespectful behavior is pride:

In Psa. 131 David confesses his conclusion that when people become prideful people it is usually

because they have have placed their trust in themselves or human power, but that after experiencing

loss, learn to put their trust in God, for He alone is wise.

Isaiah in Isa. 2:11 reminded Israel after they were brought down to slavery, due to their prideful

disrespect for God, they were humbled, and only when they humbled themselves were they lifted up.

The next result is arrogance:

In Isa. 5 the prophet lays out a warning to Israel, and us as well, we may do what seems to make sense, in

their case, planted grape vines, but due to the fact that they sewed them in disrespect to God, the

grapes, the fruit, was bitter. Have you ever drank juice that is sweet, but the after taste of bitterness

holds on in your mouth, to the point that you have to rinse your mouth with water?

The lesson is, When we fail to live out a life of respect to God, no matter how smart we may become,

and yes, even how diligent we are, the result of becoming arrogant, disdainful, our life will result in


Question: As you look around our world, What do you see? Is it a respect for authority, or God? I must admit that the character that I see prevailing is not humility, or kindness, much of what I see is pride, How about you?

What is the solution?

For each of us to humble ourselves before our Heavenly Father, to surrender ourselves to His will.

We need to lift our voices in the same way the Seraphim did and say Isa. 6:2 "Holy, Holy. Holy, is the Lord of Heaven's Armies! The whole earth is filled with His glory."

Vs 8 "The Lord asked, Whom will I send as a messenger to this people?" Isaiah answered "Here am I send me."

God shared to Isaiah the solution, it is our same solution, Isa. 8:13"Make the Lord of Heaven's Armies holy in your life ... He will keep you safe."

In other words, Shower on Him your respect, and honor Him with all your strength, then He will bring an enriching power in our lives.

So Go With God for He only is deserving of our honor & respect. We must guard ourselves from the pride of the flesh & humble ourselves before Him. He alone is worthy of our obedience, and surrender.

As Isaiah said, "Make the Lord ... holy in your life... then He will be your sanctuary."

brenda x


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