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Tuesday 11/22

Hey, Do you know what the purpose of the turkey trot intentionally was? Well, It began in Buffalo, N.Y. on Thanksgiving Day in 1896. They run down Delaware Ave. and in continues years even beat out the Boston Marathon by more than 5 months of continuous 125 years. It’s purpose is to raise funds for the YMCA around the nation with 14,000 participants. Wow that’s quite an achievement.

Prov. 25:17 Don’t visit your neighbors too often, or you will wear out your welcome.”

This verse is again reminding us of moderation, in other words, even our neighbors have duties and have the need for solitude. We must learn the importance of both, friendship & independence.

This is the difference between our relationship with other mankind and our Heavenly Father. With even the closest of friends there is a need for independence, however, with Christ he thrives on our presence in Him. We can never exhaust, living in His company. His door is always open, He doesn’t just desire that we drop in, but that we take up residence with Him.

As I began my early ministry I was blessed with so many friends who opened up their home for to me to live in. I couldn’t help but notice that they were always homes with large numbers of children, where I just became the older child. They were Ed & MarIyn Rosenbaum, Lyle & Jonny Couse, & the Myers family all surrendered their home for me to call home.

During those five years of mission work to teens on the West Coast, many people made their home, my home away from home. Other times when there was no such place my car became my bed room along with my sleeping bag, and the shower room at truck stops. Each step of the way there were many friends who selflessly opened their homes to me. This time in my life began a rich journey of closeness with Gods children.

For though we are just human beings, we are a unique people who have a special place of fellowship with one another that is impossible to understand outside of believers. That union we enjoy can not be known outside of believers. The Jewish people shared and many do today that same kind of communion with one another. Deep abiding fellowship.

I will forever, remember the bond that I have enjoyed with the children of God. Regardless of the nation where I have found myself in, there were always godly families to whom I found kindredship with. It is just a precursor to the union we will enjoy in our heavenly home.

So Go With God for He has given us a home of union with Him, regardless of where we find ourselves in. We can NEVER wear out our welcome with Him. He stands with open arms, homes, and tables for us His loved children. In our world there are many folks lonely, unloved, uncared for, it is up to us to make known to them that place of caring, Our Fathers home, now & in heaven to come.

Nov 22, 2022

I am thankful for the Couse family who took you in while you lived through the frigid cold winters in BC Canada. My unknown future husband (unknown to me but not to God!) didn't freeze to death and God brought you to me at just the right time later.



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