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What is another name for a cow? Yeah you got it, A lawn-mooore.

Wednesday 3/29

Prov. 29:14 "If a king judges the poor fairly, (with truth) his throne will last forever."

Here we see how God values the way a leader guides those in his life. Truthfulness & fairness are the necessity of the fair guidance that a leader offers to those he oversees.

This principle isn't to be ignored, and it shouldn't be seen as only a preference, but rather a necessity for any leader. It is the very basis of long term success, regardless of the level of leadership. From manager, business owner, local, state, or any federal agency.

In a world where we see the realtering of definitions, in order to suppress the intentions of those seeking to be trusted with leadership. From calling lieing -- mis-speaking; to defining intentional untruth -- to taking me out of context, etc.

This is such an important principle that God refers to it as something He will enter into. For only He can promise an eternal benefit, rather than an immediate benefit.

The question then is. What is a first & foremost concept for effective leadership? The answer, is a leader who stands by their integrity. The promise is, If a person follows after corruption as a way of life, he can be sure that his future will be not only short lived but also limited.

What is a warranty other than a promise to stand behind a product, or a promise of longevity?

Of course the ultimate test of justice is; fairness upheld for those who can offer no real benefit to the ruler. In other words; To be honest regardless of whether this decision is beneficial to the one making that decision or others who offer no immediate benefit.

So Go With God and He will uphold your efforts for upholding integrity. The difficulty for us is that future benefit can't be witnessed without the test of time.

Lindsay Winterton
Jo Ann Steward


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