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Well today we head out over the pass back to Seattle to fly home we plan to leave around 8am thanks for all your prayers the wedding went beautiful and Gayle appreciated our being there to honor her.


What animal has a tongue that is twice as longe as its body? Is it a tiger, Elephant, Earth Worm, Chameleon? Make your guess!


Ecclesiastes 11:4 "Farmers who wait for perfect weather will never plant, If they watch every cloud, they will never harvest."

Solomon is urging us to take the present conditions of our life and recognize that there never will be a perfect time in our life for venturing out in life for giving, serving, caring, sharing, serving, etc. Rather live in the present and attempt living out you purpose right now. The time to serve our Heavenly Father and to walk in His ways will never be better.

We must daily surrender to Him and attempt to faithfully carry out His ways in the present. Rest in Him and He will faithfully guide our ways in all that we do.

SO GO WITH GOD and He will empower and faithfully guide you, rest in Him and He will direct your paths. Stand strong in your life and He will lead you in the best path.

brenda x
Jan 22

Chameleon. And we made it over 2 passes not just one!



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