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Happy Thursday to you my dear ones. Hey, did you know that until 1915 you could mail a child in the mail for just 15 cents. In fact, a 6 year old was mailed from Florida to Virginia in 1915.

That’s what caused the practice to be closed. That’s what gave way to the saying, ”come rain or shine the mail must go through.” Ha

Just imagine a total of 425.3 million pieces of mail go through the US mail in one day. Is that Weighing heavy on your mind? Ha

Our meditation for today comes from Prov. 20:10 “Diverse weights and diverse measures, They are both alike, an abomination to the Lord.”

In fact in Deut. 25:11 accurate scales were commanded. This concept declares having one set of scales to buy & another set to sell is detestable to God.

Jesus spoke to this principle in God’s eyes in Luke 6:38 “With the same measure we give mercy, mercy will be given to us.” In other words God gives with “justice for all”.

Cheating has always been a chronic problem, from the fall of man up until today.

There are some who feel that they will be given exception due to their level of importance, however, this verse and many others throughout the Bible remind us of this.

When it comes to God, No one is given the exception. This imbalance of right dealings is an abomination, detestable to the living God.

Man’s justice may overlook this double standard, but GOD will never.

This concept is so vital to God that He addressed this in the following places:

Prov. 16:11; here; Lev. 19:35,36;

Deut. 25:13-16; Ezekiel 46:10;

Amos 8:5; Micah 6:10

Accurate measurements affect the whole world, & to ignore or refute them will only ultimately result in judgement if not in this life (temporary) then in the next (eternally).

So Go With God and He will guide you in truth, He will hold you accountable now rather than eternally. I am so glad that He measures our lives in the unchanging scale not in a changeable measurement. His salvation gift to us is permanent (sure) for all of eternity.

Please pray for brother Chris for he is, unless Our Heavenly Father intervenes stepping into heavens gates in a matter of hours. Also please pray for Vicky she is being upheld by many saints in these hours. Chris is at rest in His loving Savior’s arms and in the care of many precious saints here on earth.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x
brenda x
Jul 14, 2022

Luke 23:43



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