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From Pastor Ben

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Monday 10/2

Challenge: Ecclesiastes 5:14

"Money put into risky investments that turn sour, and everything is lost. In the end, there is nothing left to pass on to one’s children."

Today we want to look at the second warning that Solomon gives to us parents. Should we place too great an importance on the amassing of money to the neglect of leadership for our family?

If you disregard investing integrity, character, love, and eternal value into the lives of your children by placing too much of your attention and time on money, there is a great risk of huge loss to them. Should your riches fail to develop then you have both nothing physical to leave your children to start their life as well as having placed nothing of true value in your children's hearts and lives. This will result in a limited future for your legacy (your children, grandchildren. etc.) who will be bankrupt financially, personally and usually spiritually.

Solomon is attempting to emphasize the extreme importance of two things: 1) Balance in our life in regard to investments

2) Building long term benefits in our children's lives

It is so easy to become overwhelmed with the financial pressures of our present lives that we fail to invest the proper time and care into our children's lives.

Many times our teenage children's interests become less focused on the family due to peer pressure leading them to place greater interest in their friends. When this occurs, a parent can become tempted to cut back on time or attention spent in interactivity with their teenaged children.

We should recognize that this tendency is normal, however, not permanent.

So Mom and Dad, keep your attention directed on your children. Encourage them particularly in the area of ministry opportunities through their involvement in spiritual things in the area of their spiritual gifting.

As the age of your children increases, shift your role from being the leader to the supporter in their lives. Allow them to grow in their abilities and them affirm and applaud their successes.

Both my parents and Becky's were so wise in this matter during our growing up years. When we were young, they took the lead and taught us the necessary qualities to effectively lead. As we joined them in these leadership endeavors they turned over more and more of the direct leadership to us. This had the impact of drawing us into the development of whatever we were doing to become leaders in our own right. Whether it was church, ministry life, or our secular endeavors, it impacted both of us. We lived in separate homes in separate states, not knowing each other in childhood. Once we were adults, we met, married, and strived to continue this legacy in our own children's lives. This resulted in our also developing a balanced life as well, which was Solomon's intended guidance to us in his writings that were inspired by God.

So Go With God, for He will lead us in this most critical process. Oh, we may experience our failures due to being human, but He none the less, will gently move us along as we are open to His leadership in those most vital processes. Lean on Him for insight and wisdom in these matters and He will keep you standing strong.

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