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Welcome to breezy Tuesday and the fresh clean air after a rain storm. By the way Why does the orange always lose in races? You guessed it Because it runs out of

juice. Oh well that definitely qualifies for the Dumb Da(dad)ta Base.

Our meditation for today goes on to Prov. 16:13 “The king is pleased with words from righteous lips; He loves those who speak honestly.”

This verse qualifies righteous words as truthful, peaceable, ethical, honorable, and noble. The overwhelming focus of this word is what God tells us about righteousness. After looking at all the references in the Bible we come to the realization that we only achieve this quality — to the extent that we respond to Our Lord’s grace which comes by trusting in our loving Savior Jesus Christ.

Righteous is referred to 54 times in this book and 250 times in the whole Bible so it is an important truth to understand & walk in.

The other focus is first Godward, eternal (the King of Kings) then it is focused forward, the leaders of this material world, (bosses, political leaders,) etc. finally it is looking outward, it’s affect on those who are directly influenced by our actions.

The promise is that to the extent that we speak these words it is to that degree love is felt by all those around us, both now and for all eternity.

It is no wonder that all those degrees of leaders eternal, present, or the future are pleased by righteous words.

So Go With God and He will fill our lives with righteousness, which will in turn flow out to all those who we contact in this life, which will in turn run into all those lives who become influenced by coming in contact with the Savior we love, follow, and obey.

brenda x
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