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Happy Thursday to you, Hey, Do you know, Why the frog had a long face? It was because he was un-hoppy. As it hoppens. Ha ha!

Our meditation for today comes from Prov. 19:21 ”You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”

The teaching here is that a wise person will commit their plans to the Lord.

The Bible is filled with examples of those who followed His counsel:

Abraham, Moses, Joshua,

David, etc.

Then there were other who opposed His counsel:

Cain, Lot, Saul, Ahab, etc.

In the case of most who opposed God’s plans they ended up becoming His enemies. On the other hand in all cases of those who followed in His ways found themselves His friends and succeeding.

Psalm 33:11 reminds us “But the Lord’s plans stand firm forever, “

In other words, to the extent that we make His ways our ways, we will succeed. The kings of Israel & Judah stand as a clear witness to this truth.

So Go With God and He will help guide your plans and then you will experience His blessings & successes. Then this will result in the unbelieving world recognizing Him in all His glory.



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