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Last week I ask you which brand was the largest peanut butter producer? Jif, Justin's, Skippy, or Peter Pan. The correct brand was ........ believe it or not ..... Jif. It is made by the Smuker's company. It was reformulated and rebranded in 1981 and has since that year has slowly become the largest brand in the U. S. since that time.


Ecclesiastes 12:12 "But my child, let me give you some further advise: Be careful, writing books is endless, and much study wears you out."

This idea of wisdom teachings was traditionally considered to be sacred for a father to pass on to his son, we see this spoken of in Prov. 1:8; 2:1; 3:1; 4:10; 5:1. This idea of the writing of books is referring to the amount of human wisdom.

This warning is the instruction that there is only one final authority, which is referring to the divine inspiration of the Bible over any other writings of men. While these books refered to have many authors, and possibly many good ideas, however, unless they are in agreement with the Bible they are short sided and inaccurate in the long run.

Without God's instruction as the basis of any words written they may have some truth, but they won't be conclusive, and worthy of your full trust. For the Bible is filled with words that will instruct, warn, and admonish us. Other books may appear to be filled with instruction that may have a seeming sound of great wisdom, but any words they speak in opposition to Bible will at some point prove to be in error.

So...... rest in God's words for they will guide you to the ultimate and final truth. We should never allow books which are short sided and filled with error to be held in high regard, for they will fall short in life giving truth.

SO GO WITH GOD my son for He speaks the words of eternal worth. Today there are many books written but only one is worthy of our total trust. The Bible. So then we are wise to begin and end our day meditating on his words, for they are the words of life.

brenda x


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