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Can you guess what historians considered the U.S. first junk food? I’ll give you a few hints: it was invented in 1896, it was Carmel coated, still don’t know; how about; had nuts in it, a song was written about it, they put a toy in every box, well did you guess yet? The song was “Take me out to the ball game” bet you got it now, Yes, it is “Cracker Jacks”. Believe it or not I would eat chili for lunch at school (the cheapest food on the menu) every day so that I could afford to buy Cracker Jacks to eat on my way to Middle school, every morning. Oh well, so much for memories. ha,ha Brother Dan don’t be jealous.

Tuesday 12/13

Prov. 26:7 “A proverb in the mouth of a fool is as useless as a paralyzed leg.”

Well this bit of wisdom may be confusing, after all how could wisdom be useless?

The intimation here is that wisdom is only useful when it is known; when, where, and how to apply it. If a person is aware of truth, but doesn’t apply it to his life then that wisdom has become useless.

Just as a paralyzed leg causes a person to be awkward, limited, and immobile, so also is truth that is unable to be used, is limiting. Today we have braces, wheel chairs, even little carts that people can use to render them mobile.

They can move about and do all kinds of things, like wheelchair basketball, ramps on side walks, buildings, elevators, etc. As a result people with limited use of their legs, can move about with greater ease, however, that has not always been the case. Also, they are only available when that person in need avails themselves of these aids.

Just as those limits have resulted in people with paralysis being limited, so also are those people who refuse to know God and seek to gain His aid for wisdom.

When we fail to learn His ways, thinking, guidelines, etc. we are rendered incapable to maneuver in this life. We are prone to come to wrong conclusions, to be misguided in our daily thinking processes.

Then, rather than seeing our Father as our partner, or loving aid, we may be tempted to resent what seems to be a lack of involvement on His part. When in reality He may be determined to protect our right to independent thinking. He like a friend, allows us to go on our own, while they are ready to intervene, if we but intimate our need.

So Go With God then our expressions of dependence on Him will become an open invitation for Him to assist us in whatever need we may be in. This is why one of the most important steps to the study of His Word is to begin in asking Him to open our eyes to His truths contained in the Bible. Then the last important step is to close with us asking for wisdom in how to apply these truths that He has unfolded before us in our study.

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