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It’s a wonderful Monday morning another day to bring praises to God through our lives.

Do you remember Mr. Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street? Can you guess what real life animal that he represented? Post me back your guess.

Well our meditation today is found in Prov. 21:7 “The violence of the wicked sweeps them away, because they refuse to do what is just.”

Have you ever noticed that people who use violent activities in their lives end up being drug away by that very same violence.?

I notice that in a world rich with drugs, theft, and any other form of unchecked violence is filled with people being placed in an early grave.

You might think that I am out way to far in my thinking. However, just read the secular historical records.

As one spiritual example the records of the Hebrew kings. If you notice in the Bible the span of most of the kings there who refused to follow God’s laws were in power only a few years.

Usually that was due to being captured & killed by another wicked king. Sometimes even by a king he had made his ally.

In our present day look at some of the present day gangs. There are very few gang leaders who are older than 40.

Notice, the thing that becomes the violent persons enemy, is the very violent activity that he used to gain power for himself.

That’s why the verse says that “it’s the violence that sweeps / drags them away”

They make violence their friend & rebel against the guidelines of justice, the end result is loss.

I personally believe that one of the reasons that our past generation (golden generation) has lived so long is their honor of just dealings.

Honor, love, kindness, loyalty, we’re common traits in their generation. Just think for a minute, after looking about yourself, what seems to be the rampant theme of our world?

Our prayer needs to be directed to our culture, one of the practices that we can do to influence our industrial world is purchase services of those who are uphold just dealings.

Another thing that we can do to influence our culture is to select leaders who are just.

In the business arena, local leaders, county leaders, national leaders. Watch the decisions they are making & when their actions are in opposition to justice, warn them, then if it doesn’t alter their activity remove our support.

In local business state our opinion, then if the action continues, state our reason for no longer shopping there, then stop shopping there.

I will never forget, when a teen boy two such instances.

My mother speaking to the grocery store manager her frustration at the stores injustice of sale items being published in the paper, but then not making any of those items present in the store. Then a few hours later the store manager calling my mother to apologize for the mistake, his store employees had made and extending that same sale the following week.

Then to my surprise a few weeks later that manager seeing me washing windows at the dry cleaning store. He remembered my mother & me with her. He told me to come by his store that he had some cleaning he wanted me to do at his store. As a result I cleaned his store windows every week until I went away to college.

I am sure you have experienced such a thing in your life if you stop & think about it.

So Go With God and He will reward your life with many such blessings. The amazing thing is that by us following justice we will be rewarded sometimes in ways we didn’t even plan for.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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