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What is the most populated city in the US? Is it; Houston; New York; Los Angeles; Sears? Make a guess. I'll give you a hint: A song has been written & sung mant times about this city

Monday 8/14

Eccl. 3:4 "A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance."

Our loving Father's plans include both sorrow & joy, however, our sorrow is much different from the unbelievers mourning. 1 Thess. 4:13 tells us the difference in a believer's sorrow, for us who know Christ and walk in His ways, we have hope at the core of our sorrow. Our Father brings comfort to our soul Matt. 5:4, for we have eternity to walk together on the streets of gold.

At the same time our laughter & dancing have joy & rejoicing, rather than attempting to abandon our grief & happiness. As believers we have a deep satisfying joy, spoken of in Ps. 149:2,3 & Ps. 150:4. A confidence & trust are brought to our times of joy & sorrow.

As a believer passes from our presence we know the celebration of life that we have enjoyed with our loved one and ultimately the celebration of coming together again in heaven. The joy of recounting the working of our Father's fulfillment in the works that we began & then God's continuing work after our leaving this life.

In our human affairs we have a beginning & and end, but in the eternal order the things that we have begun in life our Heavenly Father continues to work out in others lives after we have moved into other spheres of influence. Whether on the earth or in eternity.

Life & time are precious gifts that we enjoy from the hand of our Father. As we invest these times in obedience to Him; He enriches our efforts. Though they appear to be fleeting, He alone can cause these fleeting times to leave enrichment behind. Our words of comfort & compassion have no ending in others lives, for when they are circled in love & concern they bring joy & peace.

As a young boy I experienced the loss of my dog, we spent so much time together, my brother, me and my dog. We walked our neighborhood, the country side, and even exploring many adventures in our lives, but my childhood dog friend grew older & at one point we had to say goodby. I can remember the times I would visit the place that we had laid him to rest. We would sorrow over his loss in our life, my brother & I would laugh at little Tippy & the joy he brought to our lives.

This time of loss that we had to experience caused us to savor the life that each person & animal that was brought into our lives, it impressed on our hearts the importance that others gave to us in our many friendships.

As a church family we have enjoyed many people & the enrichment that they brought to our lives. Eddie, Eula Mae, Pearl, Chris, Mary, Jean & Steve the list could go on, just to name a few of the precious people that we have been required to part ways with in death or illness, but we will again rejoin our fellowship one day in our heavenly home. We will then pick up again in dancing, joy & celebration.

As the song says. "What a day that will be." If you have time; take a listen to the You Tube by Heritage Singers / What a day that will be. I promise you that this will lift your heart & head to the Fathers promises for you & me my dear one.

brenda x


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