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Wow, most of you got all of the common phrases right. Here are the correct answer.

Get your ducks in a row

A penny saved is a penny earned

Actions speak louder than words

Did you like that? Here are a few more common phrases:

All is fair in ________ & war

An apple a day keeps the __________ away

As _________ as a pie

We'll see how you all do with these ones.

Friday 7/7

Ecclesiastes 1:10 "Sometimes people say, "Here is something new!" But actually it is old; nothing is ever truly new."

Today we have fallen into the trap of thinking that "new" is always "improved". However, in all actuality that isn't always true. For instance much of the Bible has historical lessons to warn us from falling into Satans traps. In fact, think about this trap that Satan has always used. If you don't do this thing (ie. eat this fruit) you'll miss out (you won't have all wisdom).

This has been his worn out message for all of youth for all of time. This is one of his, most powerful ploys. Please don't fall for this lie. He has a way of pulling out what appears to be a shiny new trick, which when fully revealed is only an old false failure.

Now, lets think about this accusation. "Nothing is really new". In a sense, this is true. Well, even the most modern discoveries are developments of principles that were locked into creation from the very beginning. In fact, many of man's most boasted inventions have these counterparts in nature. Modern flight was discovered as a result of studying the bird, etc..

Think about this for a minute, Enoch & Elijah experienced space travel without even carrying any oxygen supplies. So, we shouldn't spend our life looking for that novel idea, rather we should search for that revealed truth locked up in the wise powerful words of the past.

Early in my ministry I was taken up with the idea of doing something new, but I quickly learned that new wasn't always best. Many times the principles of the past teachings that had already been given to me early in my life were the foundation I needed for wise living. Daily as I read and meditated on scripture I would run into some truth that I had rapidly read through before. But, I had failed to comprehend its fullest import before. It is like running into a valuable diamond buried thousands of years before. It wasn't new, but it had not yet been discovered.

I have learned to sift through the truths of the Bible for those truths that are reserved for my understanding at a later time. These are some invaluable truth, hidden from my understanding. Is it just buried junk, because it isn't brand new? No, it is treasure reserved for my understanding later when I am able to fully comprehend its deeper truth.

Just because the America's hadn't been discovered were they not yet created? Of course not, they just hadn't been fully discovered. Just because we as a people had not fully laid out the tenets of a democratic republic were these new concepts. No they were hidden in the laws that God had set out for Israel to follow thousands of years ago. They just had not been introduced in their fullest extent till now at the beginning of our nation.

That is why it is called the great American experiment.

So Go With God for He alone has the keys to unlock these vital truths for wisdom & life. Don't get caught up with the trinkets of the world that enamor this new age, such as the new social justice, financial equity, climate change, etc. Most of these & more are just brushed up failed thinking of the past. Rather, spend your time drilling down on the truths of God, He is the creator of all things, new & old.

My dear one don't get caught off guard with seemingly new things rather search for wisdom buried deep in His words. As the song says "He will carry you through, Oh my brother".

There isn't a problem to big that He can't solve, no mountain too big that He can't move it, no storm too dark for Him to calm it, no sorrow too deep that He can't soothe it. Just think He carried the weight of the worlds sins on His shoulders, so we know He will carry you too.

If you have time: go to ??You Tube He will carry you

Lindsay Winterton
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Jul 08, 2023

Oops, not sweet, but easy as pie.



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