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It’s Tuesday and I have a question for you. Do the mascara and lipstick ever argue? Well the consistent answer is Sure, but they always makeup. Oh well!!!

Today our meditation is found in Prov. 17:12 “It is safer to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than to confront a fool caught in foolishness.”

This verse is emphasizing the extent of the destruction that foolish people reek on those faced with their foolish ways.

God & Solomon compare the havoc that fools bring to others when they are faced with how foolish their thinking, and actions are.

The rest of the Bible compares the destruction that a mama bear brings on others when their babies are taken away. 2 Kings 2:23-25. Elisha called

out 2 bears who mauled 42

young men

2 Sam. 17:8 Absalom

compares David’s army of

mighty warriors to a

mother bear

Hosea 13:8 The prophet

compares God’s fury to a

mama bear

This passage warns us in how we should confront those who are in the middle of following foolish thinking.

Here are some examples of fools out of control:

Herod when wise men didn’t

report back concerning Jesus’

birth then he ordered all boys

younger than 2 killed

Nebuchadnezzar heated

furnace to kill Shadrach &

friends for refusing to bow to his


Saul killed 85 priests because

they unknowingly helped David

We have to admit that these stories are pretty convincing. So the natural question is, How do we help the fool when he is focused on doing his foolishness? That is a great question, stay tuned for the answer in a future meditation.

So Go With God and He will guide you into wisdom in facing foolishness in your world.

Lindsay Winterton


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