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Well good morning I’m sorry for the mix up yesterday. Its another wonderful day. Hey do you know What you get if you feed gunpowder to a chicken? Yes you guessed it, an egg-splosion. That was a blow out, Ha!

This mornings meditation is

Prov. 17:19 “Anyone who loves to quarrel loves sin; anyone who trusts in high walls invites disaster.”

Have you noticed that there are some people who seem to enjoy conflict & controversy? But the person who is continuously argumentative brings trouble to all, even those around him.

In today’s world it seems that conflict is very common while positive words of affirmation and encouragement are rare, in fact so rare that they are many times disarming to others when we pass them out.

In my dads last 15 or so years he talked often of his quest to look for positive words to pass on to all the people in his life. He would tell of this quest and the many people who were touched by his words. In fact I witnessed this many times when I would visit him, and he told me that this focus was passed onto him through his

father, in his life. I think escaping from a war torn Germany and going through the depression caused this outlook.

What a blessed gift for us to pass on to others in a world of conflict. Just like in the Wild West there was always some fast gun slinger on his way into town, set on drawing on the sheriff, so there are today. So let’s determine to be different, peculiar, and notice the difference this makes within as well as without us.

This verse goes on to warn us that high walls, gates and huge houses won’t protect us from the world of violence that we live in. Rather our trust must be placed in the living God and this will bring peace and rest to us and all those we love around us.

So Go With God and all those special actions and words of kindness and our loving Father will bring to us a world of compassion, peace, and rest. Just stand back and watch what He will do.

brenda x


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