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Happy Monday my dear ones, thanks to Christy I got the posting problem fixed. Hey, What has 12 legs, six eyes, three tails and can’t see? Yes, you got it right , Three blind mice. haha!! Another one for my Dad-a-base.

This mornings meditation comes from Prov. 19:5 “A false witness will not go unpunished, nor will a liar escape.”

In the original Hebrew text this was seen as a command. In other words false statements & lies were not allowed without being punished.

If it were known that intentional untruths were held in account of the speaker who shaded the truth. Do you think that would affect the way that we speak?

In the political world the fact checkers give Pinocchio’s, for statements made. Maybe, it should rather be three strikes your out, it is in baseball.

The need for truth is deeply important to a law & order world. To abuse truth can’t be tolerated if ultimately a culture is to survive.

Deut. 19:18,19 gives the mandate, that false testimony was not to be tolerated. In fact to lie or give false testimony was to result in the consequence that was to be received as the punishment of the recipient.

In the political world it’s called mud slinging, in the legal arena it’s called perjury, but in the spiritual world; What should it be called? You name it.

So Go With God and He will guide you into all truth. Light & truth are synonymous. Maybe it should be spelled (Sinonomous)

If this were true in our world; what a different world it would be.

brenda x


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