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Which U.S. state has the motto:"United we stand, divided we fall"? Is it Nebraska; South Dakota; Kentucky; Maine ? More tomorrow.

On the lighter side. What do you call a fish without an eye? Well of course, A fsh. Ho ho; That stunk.

Friday 9/8

Eccl. 4:9 "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed."

Just think when we work together on a common task, we gain assistance, comfort, and defense. This makes for a three fold cord. And of course we know what the Bible says about this, in fact we will be looking at this next week. "It can't be quickly, easily broken."

In the next four verses Solomon points out the great advantages of fellowship & partnership. He illustrates this truth in four differing ways. The advantages he will point out is, assistance; warmth; protection; and finally protection & security. We will dig more into this insight tomorrow.

Now lets drill down on this verse. The condition for two being better, is that they both have the interest of the other person at heart. They are only benefited if they both care more for the happiness of the other person more than for themselves. If this quality isn't a part of the union then though they are two, they are still just based on the strength of the one.

If you are working with an assistant that is not attempting to partner with you, then your really only having someone watch you.

My dad taught me early on that our partnership was based on looking for ways to help each other. Just standing by has no real benefit for either person, even if your assistance is only a caring, concerned word. So when you see another person straining to accomplish something, don't just look on, but rather take part in whatever way you can to assist in completing the task.

A word of encouragement, care, and concern, are one of the greatest contributions we can offer. Have you ever stood by when someone is struggling to assist a person who is angry, but no matter how the person try's to help nothing is humanly possible to render them aid?

After the person has attacked and finally left, in order to affirm that person, whether to comfort them, or recognize their attempt at helping them, this is in fact, partnering with them. If you have been effective in rendering care you then see the person beginning to let go of that emotional experience and then achieving the task of releasing that struggle, by maybe even laughing off that trauma.

As we walk through life, we must learn the value of partnering with others, whether we are a part of the matter or not.

So Go With God for He will assist your in finding ways to administer care to those in need in your life. Oh our world is a lonely place for those people who intentionally cut themselves off from others. There are so many who have made this a practice in their life.

WHEN you offer assistance they refuse your care & concern. I have found that in many cases, they actually want to be sure that you really do care. If you take that next step to prove the sincerity of your concern, then they will finally let you into their struggles.

The amazing thing is when you are allowed to enter in on it & begin to share in that, you are also benefited. My friend let's purpose to truly help those who need for someone to just lean in to care.

We'll see you tomorrow for more on this continuing thought.

brenda x
Lindsay Winterton
Lindsay Winterton
Lindsay Winterton
Sep 08, 2023

Never mind. I missed yesterday's 🤦‍♀️



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