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Good morning, if you who guessed that; When a person became angry, they said, "Dont flip your wig" you were right. Way to go all of you who guessed that right. Here's another statement; If someone who as described as "cutting a rug" what were the doing? Hairdressing; Dancing energetically; Mowing the grass; Eating Spegetti? You guess, by the way this term is still occasionally used.

Friday 2/10

Prov. 28:3 "A poor person who oppresses the poor is like a pounding rain that destroys the crops.

In my early adulthood I noticed something, That people with new money (recently gained wealth) were much more condescending to past poor friends, than those folks who were accustomed to having wealth, they were much more gracious to those in their lives that were hardworking, but poor still yet.

As a middle school teen we moved into a wealthy Jewish community in Joplin. We were surrounded with influential people, but they were very respectful & helpful. My neighbors many times passed on clothes to me that their grandchildren had grown out of. They would graciously say this "we just couldn't throw these away, they were in to good a shape to throw away". This was their way of softening the passing on clothes that their grandchildren refused to wear for many possible reasons. I frankly didn't care I was a glad to get nice unworn clothing.

This warning was given by Solomon to his sons because he knew the tendency of people who gained influence through becoming part of the royal workers rose in income & then in order to as they saw it become respected would oppress those through who they had risen.

This is the kings way of urging his sons to be cautious of those who they put in charge of the general population under them. To recognize those people who would wield the kings power in cruel ways, and to be careful to warn, and discipline them if they fell into this custom.

I remenber two years in a row that we had hail storms in the early spring, we even had to replace our roof twice, and working with my Uncle Leonard on fence repair & him driving around the crops that because of the hail were beat down. He would say, "Benny I don't know if they will come back, look at how bad they look. The second year this happened I said "Uncle Leonard lets pray for God to raise them up." He graciously let me pray but was still unbelieving that this would change this harm to his crops. He had raked the land, fertilized & plowed it, then planted the seed & now this, how discouraging.

I remember how when we came back the next week to continue our work on the fence, God had caused the crops to recover, the wind had dried the rain & lifted up the crops. I must admit I was surprised and my uncle was even much more encouraged. In the same way if someone is overbearing to others in their influence, if they repent & change course, their humility will cause the gain of respect which was what they had desired in the first place.

If you get a chance take a look at this very same lesson in Matt. 18 and notice how Jesus passed this lesson onto those who gathered to hear him heal the down trodden & then teach them of a loving God, who cared for them and their struggles, but particularly his disciples. Isn't it easy once we have experienced God's forgiveness and blessing in our life to fail to pass those very same blessings onto those who we find ourselves responsible for.

So Go With God for He is gracious, and loving to us. Just think the creator, ruler, redeemer, loves you & me, though we are but dust, He gave us life & cares for our soul, "Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord." If you can, go to YouTube listen to TREE63's rendition of this song & Psalm taking the time to worship our wonderful Lord will protect us from failing to pass His love for us onto all those in our life.

Lindsay Winterton
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The saying "cut a rug" is about dancing 💃🕺👯‍♀️

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